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final review

What are the three processes of urine formation? filtration, reabsorption, secretion
______________ is a clinical syndrome in which there is a fluid, electrolyte and hormone imbalance as well as metabolic abnormality which parallels deterioration in kidney function. uremia
What is another term for renal carcinoma? hypernephroma
A condition frequently associated with STD's that manifests itself in a UTI caused by pus forming bacteria is called________________? pyelonephritis
A genetic disorder of the kidneys in where there is a presence of multiple cysts in both kidneys. polycystic kidney disease
What are the main functions of the urinary system? filter blood and make urine
List the three functions of the large intestine. water reabsorption, absorption of vitamins, package and compact waster
Our second line of defense in fighting off illness are the __________________. white blood cells
The helper cells in the immune system include the T-lymphocytes, cytotoxic cells, and what other three? memory T, helper T, regulatory T cells
What is a malignant, solid tumor of the lymphoid tissues? Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
This illness is also referred to as swollen glands. lymphadenitis
A _______________ is a benign mass of the lymphatic vessels. lymphangioma
A malignant disease of the lympatic tissues is called a/an ________________________. lymphosarcoma
An inflammatory disease of the lymph system in which lesions may appear in the liver, skin, lungs, lymph nodes, spleen, eyes and small bones of the hands and feet is called _________________. sarcoidosis
This type of cell in the immune system remembers the pathogens after the bodies exposure. memory T cells
What are two types of B cells? memory B and plasma cells
The test used to evaluate portions of coagulation is called the _______________ test. PT
The process of gas exchange where oxygen is added to the blood and carbon dioxide is removed is called ____________________. respiration
This process is the mass movement of air down to the terminal air sacs of the lungs. ventilation
What is the medical term for couging up blood? hemoptysis
An insufficient oxygenation of the tissues is called ________________. hypoxia
An accumulation of fluid in the pleural space is called _______________________. pleural effusion
A ____________________ is the insertion of a chest tube to drain blood, fulid, or air to allow the full expansion of the lungs. thoracostomy
A condition whereby fluid accumulates in the lungs is called ________________. pulmonary edema
A blood clot in the lung is known as a/an ________________. pulmonary embolism
This chronic disease affects the airway that carries air into and out of the lungs. It is more commonly known as asthma but also as __________________. reactive airway disease
This disease refers to an underlying asthmatic problem in patients in whom asthma has become so peristent that clinically significant chronic airflow obstruction is present. asthmatic bronchitis
An inflammation of the lungs and bronchial tubes that is due to foregn materail getting into the lung is called ________________. aspiratin pneumonia
What is the most common type of lung carcinoma? bronchogenic
Collapsed lung; a collection of air or gas in the pleural cavitiy. pneumothorax
Inflammation of the pleura, or membranes, of the lungs. pleurisy
Inflammation or infection of the lungs characterized by exudate, a build up of fluid in the alveoli, caused by various organisms. pneumonia
Common cold, inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the upper respiratory tract. upper respiratory infection
What are the anatomical terms for the layers of the heart? epicardium, myocardium, endocardium
What are the three main components of blood? WBC, RBC, platelets
The most common signs and symptoms of this disease of the heaart are SOB, tiredness and swelling on the ankles and feet. heart failure
This procedure can be done for investigational and interventional procedures and collects information about the heart. catherization
What procedure do physicians use to treat mitral valve stenosis? valvotomy
What is the function of the capillaries? exchange nutrients, gasses and waste products; blood begins trip back to heart
This condition also called "farsightedness" occurs when the patient cannot focus on nearby objects. hyperopia
The condition of the eye that is also called "choked discs". papilledema
______________ is also known more commonly as "swimmers ear". otitis externa
______________ disease is a disorder of the labryinth that leads to progressive hearing loss and vertigo. Meniere's disease
A collection of fluid in the middle ear is called __________________. serous otitis media
What procedure is performed when there is no useful hearing in the ear? labyrinthectomy
What test is performed to assess a patient's hearing? audiometry
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