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MOdulde E

medical asisting review for final exam

Instrumnt used to seperate blood into its liquid and solid componets: centrifuge
intrument used to count red and white blood cells: hemacytometer
tiny blood vessels which connect arterioles to venules are: capillaries
immunization is accomplished by the administration of: vaccine
addministration of antibodies produced by another individual passive immunity
an aquired resistance to infection aquired immunity
local injury in response to injury and produces local sensation of swelling, redness, heat, and pain inflamtion
which cells has the function to kill parasites eosinophills
a protein that protects the body the body against infecton antigen
this lies mediastinum posterior of the sternum thymus
which cells mature in the thymus T cells
which cells mature in bone marrow B cells
resistant in injuries and diseases caused by specific foreign chemical compounds and pathogens immunity
what count indicates the number of each cell type in a random sample of 100 WBC's differental
a cell of the lymphatic system that participates in the immune response lymphocyetes
disease causing microorganisms pathogens
means for isolating a diseas-causing microorganism for indentification culturing
a test to determine which antibiotic to use for treating aa specific bacteria sensitivity test
a gelatin like substance that containsnutient comparable to human tissue to encourage growth of microorganism agar
medical term for excessive urination polyuria
mechanical process for removing waste products from the blood normally by the kidneys hemodialysis
another name for kidney stones nepholithiasis
what structures are respondsible for carrying urine to the kidneys to the bladder ureters
if found in the urine, it could indicate an infection WBC
a series of X-rays used to demonstrate the function, location, and position of the kidneys and is determined by the presence of dye IVP
foreign material in the enviornment capable of causing immune respoinse in the body antigen
where do bloodcells originate bone marrow
a collective label for T and B immune cells lymphocytes
T cells could be decribed as "the detective" helper T cells
what attaches to B cell and could be describe as: the foot soldiers immunnoglobulins
A WBS that can digest microorganisms and assist reactions eosinophills
changes in the bowel orthe bladder habits, a small sore that won't heal, heal, and unusual bleeding or discharge may be warning symptoms of cancer
which immunoglobulins kill bacteria IgM
chronic systemic imflammatory disease that affects the joints and surrounding muscles and tendons rheumtoid arthritis
chronic disease of unknown origin, in which women are 9 times more likely to obtain and causes inflammation of multiple body parts lupis erythematosus
this can be treated with analgestics for pain, antihistamines for alergetic symptoms, and antidepesantsto improve sleep and irritability chronic fatuge syndrome
this determins which classification the POL is and under which body is regulated complexity of the test performed
formed elements of blood include platlets, RBC, WBC
the average range of RBC's for a women 4.5 - 5.0 million
medical termfor surgical puncture into the vein venipuncture
collection of blood just under the skin hematoma
what department would you perfom a thyroid uptake scan nuclear medicine
pregnancy tests are based on the presance or absences of what hormone HCG
normal fasting blood glucose range 80-120
normal hematicrit range for men 40-54%
what coolor vaccutainer tube do you use when testing PT and PTT light blue
best vein obtain venous sample of blood from meadian caphalic
what commonly used anticoagulant for a blood test EDTA
labs use the urinometer, dipstick, refractometer methods to measure specific gravity
life-preserving service of the kidney is performed by microscopic units nephrons
mechanical process of removing waste products from the blood normaly removed by the kidney is dialysis
major histcompatability complex (MHC) serves as the identification corection "fingerprints" for cells true
mental and emotional health can effect the body's immune response true
active immunity develops when a person creates their own immunity by having the disease true
passive immunity is usually as long lasting immunity false
histamine causes the mucus membrains to secrete and the blood vessels to dilate true
lymph nodes becomes become tender and swollen during periods of infection becuase of edema false
a titer is a blood test used to determine if antibodies are present in a person before a vaccine is given true
a person infected with HIV may carry the virus for 8-10 yyears before symptoms begin the devlop true
a negative ELISA test for HIV antibodies must be confirmed by the western blot test false
HIV is only transmitted durring unprotected sexual intercourse or the sharing of IV needles durring drug use true
opportunistic infections of AIDS are offton resistant to treatment true
health care workers should obtain an immunization against HBV` true
small proteins released by activated lymphocytes, machrophages, and by tissue cells infectet viruses interferion
medical term for circulating antibody immunoglobulin
Created by: alexiscm88
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