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Medical Vocab Pre

Medical Terms of prefixes

AMBI both
ANDR man
BI two
CHROMO color
DE down, away from
DIF apart
ECTO outside
ENDO within
HOMEO same
MESO middle
PER through
PROTO first
A without
PATHY disease
ALGIA pain
CENTESIS surgical puncture
DESIS binding
ECTOMY excision
EDEMA swelling
OMION shoulder
PLASIA formation
ITIS inflammation
AL pertaining to
AR pertaining to
ATE use, action
FUS to pour
GENESIS formation, produce
LOGY study of
MORPH form, shape
OID resemble
OSE like
osis condition of
OUS pertaining to
SOME body
STASIS control, stopping
TOMY incision
VISCER body organs
IC pertaining to
PLASM a thing: plasma
TROPH a turning
LATER side
ANKYL stiffening, crooked
ARTHR joint
ACETABUL vinegar cup
BURS a pounch
TOPIC place
ADIP fat
CAUD tail
GEN formation, produce
HYDR water
ION process
ARTHRO joint
ACRO extremity
chondro cartilage
ACHILLO achilles, heel
BIO life
CYTO cells
HISTO tissue
KARYO cell nucleus
PATHO disease
PHYSIO nature
PINO to drink
Created by: ShaqE