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SAT Prep

Vocab Words

Indifferent not caring one way or the other
Apathy lack of emotion or interest
Obscure unclear, clouded
Impartial unbiased; neutral
Objective without bias
Revere to worship; to honor
Discriminate to differentiate; to see the difference
Denounce to speak out against
Innovate to be creative
Relevant important
Candid honest; frank
Discernment insight; ability to see things clearly
Disdain arrogant scorn; contempt
Abstract theoretical; lacking substance
Temperate moderate; restrained
Enigma mystery
Inevitable unavoidable; bound to happen
Eccentric not conventional; a little kooky
Provincial limited in outlook to ones own small corner of the world
Futile hopeless
Diverse varied
Benevolent kind; generous
Pious reverent or devout
Conciliatory making peace; to solve a dispute
Resignation reluctant acceptance of a bad situation
Resolute dtermined; firm
Servile submissive and subservient
Acute sharp
Reticent restrained; uncommunicative
Anarchy absence of government or control
Virulent extremely poisonous; full of hate
Scrutinize to examine closely
Discord disagreement
Repudiate to reject; to deny
Diligent hardworking
Superficial on the surface only; shallow
Contempt reproachful disdain
Lucid clear; easy to understand
Aesthetic artistic
Prodigal extravagant; wasteful
Augment to add to; to increase
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