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People in Medicine

Hippocrates Father Of Modern Medicine
Aristotle First To Study Anatomy
Galen Discovered That Blood Flows Through The Arteries
DaVinci First To Do Dissection
Harvey First To Discover Circulatory System
Hoek Discovered Life Under The Microscope
Laennec Invented Stethoscope
Semmelweis New Hand Washing Techniques
Franklin Bifocals
Jenner Smallpox Vaccine
Pasteur Pasteurization
Pare Father Of Modern Surgery
Koch Father Of Microbiology
Morton Father Of Anesthesia
Lister Father Of Antiseptic
Roentgen Invented The X-Ray
Nightingale Founder Of Nursing
Barton Founder Of Red Cross
Priestly Discovered Oxygen
Blackwell First Female Physician
Freud Creator of Psychiatry
Fleming Inventor of Penicillin
Ehrlich Created First Good Syphilis Treatment
Saulk Polio Vaccine
Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine
Roux Diphtheria And Rabies Vaccine
Ivanovsky Discovered Viruses
Wright Typhoid Fever
Pinel Humane Treatment Of The Mentally Ill
Created by: Grayson Sawyer