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Chemistry (S1)


Said that only quanta (Packets) of energy can be absorbed my matter. Max Planck
Light it self can be thought of as being composed of packets of energy let's call these packets of energy photons because they act like particles. Einstein
An unsolved problem on physics until Einstein's light quanta postulate. Photoelectric Effect
Electrons can be thought of as both partials and waves. (Hint-Duality=double nature) DeBroglie
Electron location cannot be known with certainty. He?senberg Heisenberg
Energy level one S
Energy level two S, P
Energy level III S,P,D
Energy level four S,P,D,F
Name three Extensive Properties Mass,Volume,Length
Name three Intensive Properties Density, Color, Taste
Matter can be either.... Pure Substances and mixtures.
Heterogeneous Can see the things that make up the mixture
Homogeneous Can NOT see the things that make up the mixtures also known as solutions.
Which type of light travels the fastest in space? Gamma Rays, X-ray, Ultra violet, Infrared, Visible light or microwaves? None, they all travel the same speed. None faster then. any other type of light.
In a chemical formula what does the C mean? Speed of light
In a chemical formula what does the Nu mean? Frequency
In a chemical formula what does the lambada mean? Wave length
What type of Bonding involves two metals. Metallic Bonding
What types of bonding involves a non-metal and a metal? Covalent and ionic
What type of force occurs between two nuclei? Repulsive
What type of force occurs between electrons? Repulsive
What type of force occurs between electrons and nuclei? Attractive
How are covalent and ionic bonds similar ? They both involve electrons
What are people called who studies organic chemistry? Organic chemists
Who invented the scientific method? Aristotle
This is the measure of how close to the actual value. Accuracy
The measure of the tightness of the data. Precision
This type of change do not involve changes in pure substances. Physical change
It is not possible to reverse this type of change. Chemical change
Matter can either be a_____________ or a ________________. Mixture or a Pure substances
This person made the law of Conserv. Mass Antoine LaVoisier (1790's)
This person made the law of Multiple proportions. John Dalton
Henri Becquerel (1899) Discovered three types of radiation.
Ernest Ruthford (1911) Found the proton
James Chadwick(1932) Found the neutron
Proton charge/mass +1__1
Neutron charge/mass 0__1
Electron charge/mass -1__0
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