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Male Rep Syst

Ch 10 Reproductive System: Male Rep Syst p452 #1-26

The primary male sex organ, or________, are the _______ Gonads; Testes
List the pathway of sperm from the primary sex organs thru the penis Sperm produced in the testes travel along a system of ducts- The epidymis, vas deferens, Ejaculatory duct to reach the urethra, which ends in the penis (System of ducts-epidymis, vas deferens, ejaculatory urethra  penis)
Name the accessory sex glandsWhat is their function? Seminal vescicles, Prostate, Bulbourthral glands; They secrete substances that form semen
Describe the location of the testes. How does the temperature there compare to core body temperature? Why? within the scrotum; The temp must be 3 degrees C below core body temp; for optimal sperm production
How is the temperature of the testes regulated? What muscles are involved? What are the actions of theses muscles when the temperature is too warm and too cold ? by changing the position of the testes within the scrotum and decreasing the temp of blood reaching the testes; cremaster muscle & dartos muscle; When Cold- cremaster muscle- contracts to draw the testes closer to the body for warmth & dartos muscle (of
Describe the counter-current heat exchange mechanism. What effect does this mechanism have on the arteriole blood temperature as it reaches the testes? Blood in testicular artery transfers some of it heat to cooler blood flowing in the opposite direction thru the pampiniform venous plexus; It is cooler that core body temp
The testes are the site of what events? spermatogenisis (sperm development) & production of male sex hormones or androgens
Name the two connective tissue coats of the testes? inner tunica albuginea & an outer tunica vaganilis
Internally, the testes are divided into_______ wedge-shaped_________. Each _________contains up to _______ ducts called ________. What occurs in these ducts? 250-300; lobules; Lobule; 3; seminiferous tubules; Spermatogenisis occurs
What is equivalent to the combined length of these ducts in both testes? to almost 15 football fields
How many sperm are in the average ejaculation? one-half billion
Describe the epithelium that lines the seminiferous tubule? composed of several layers of germ cells in process of becoming sperm and sustentacular cells that facilitate the development of sperm cells
Name the cells responsible for testosterone production? Where are they located? Interstitial (or Leydig; found between adjacent seminiferous tubules
Describe the pathway of the sperm as they leave the seminiferous tubule, matured and are stored. they leave the testes thru the rete testis and efferent ductules to enter the head of the epidydimis; they are matured as they travel thru the head and body of the epidydimus; they are stored in its tail until ejaculation
How many sperm form each day? up to 60 million
What structure is continuous with the tail of the epidymis? Where is this structure located? vas deferens (ductus deferens); this tubule leaves the scrotum in the spermatic cord and enters the pelvic cavity and terminates posterior to the urinary bladder
The _________ joins the duct of the _______to form the _______, which passes through the ________to empty into the ________ part of the ___________ vas deferens; seminal vesicle; ejaculatory duct; prostate; prostatic; urethra
Name the accessory gland that produces 60% of the semen volume.Describe the secretion produced Seminal Vescicles; Alkaline secretions
Name the accessory gland that produces 30% of the semen volume. Describe the secretion produced. Prostate; milky slightly acidic secretion
Name the asscessory gland that produces mucus that neutralizes the acidic urethra. What percent of the total semen volume consists of this fluid? Bulbourethral glands; 5%
What are the dual functions of the penis? it contains the lower urinary tracts; and is the male organ of copulation
What are the divisions of the penis? Root; shaft (body); glans (the tip)
Describe the erectile bodies of the penis. a bulb and a left and right crus
Which structure encloses the spongy urethra? What is the terminal end of this structure? the bulb and corpus spongiosum; ends in the glans at the external urethral orfice
How is the size and shape of the penis determined? by the erectile tissue (a network of venous spaces)
What events occure in the process of an erection? erectile tissue fills with blood
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