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PT 620 Flexor 4arm

On the dorusm of the hand the fascia is _______ and ________ to allow for movement of the skin thin and loose
On the palmar surface of the hand the superfiscial fascia blends with the _________ _________ and is ________ forming flexor lines of the skin deep fascia, dense
Wha tis enclosed in the antebrachial(deep) fascia flexors and extensors of the forearm in a cylindrical sheath
The deep fascia attaches along the length of the _______ border of the ______ and sends a septum to the ___________ dividing the forearm into flexor and _________ croups subcutaneous, ulna, radius, extensor
Name the cutaneous innervation of the forearm 1. Posterior antebrachial 2. Medial antebrachial 3. Lateral antebrachial
Which cutaneous nerve is branch of the radial n.? medial cord? continuation of musculocutaneous? 1. Posterior antebrachial 2. medial antebrachial 3. lateral antebrachial
Name the four superficial muscles of the forearm. 1. Pronator Teres 2. Flexor Capitis Radialis 3. Palmaris Longus 4. Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
What muscles originates on the medial epicondyle and goes to the palmar aponeurosis? Palmaris Longus
What muscle has 2 heads and one origiantes on the medial epicondyle and the other on the coronoid process of the ulna? pronator teres
What muscle originates on the medial epicondyle and goes to the base of the 2nd metacarpal? flexor carpi radialis
What muscle insets mid radius? pronator teres
What muscle has two heads one that attaches to the medial epicondyle and the other head to the posterior border of the upper ulna? flexor Carpi Ulnaris
What muscle's action is pronation of forearm, weak flexor of elbow? Pronator Teres
What is the action of Flecor Carpi radialis? wrist flexion, radial deviation
What muscle inserts on the pisiform, hamate, bse of 5th metacarpal? Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
What muscle just does wrist flexion? palmaris longus
What muscle does wrist flexion and ulnar deviation? Flexor carpi ulnaris
What myotome is responsible for wrist flexion? C7
What muscle is i the intermediate layer of the forearm? flexor digitorum superficialis
Where do the two heads attach? 1. medial epicondyle, coronoid process of ulna 2. upper radius
The tendons lie in a ________ ______ under _______ retinaculum shared with waht muscle? common sheath, flexor, flexor digitorum profundus
Where are the middle and ring finger tendons in relation to the index and little finger tendons? above
The 4 tendons of the flexor digitorum superficialis inserts on each side of the base of the __________ _____________. middle phalanx
Why do the flexor digitorum superficialis tendons split? to allow the flexor digitorum profundus tendons to pass through
What nerve innervates the flexor digitorum superficialis muscle? median
What muscle flexes the proximal interphalangeal joint? flexor digitorum superficialis
Name the three muscles of the Deep Layer of the forearm 1. Flexor Pollicus Longus 2. Flexor Digitorum 3. Pronator Digitorum Profundus
What muscle originates from the middle radius and interosseus membrane? flexor pollicis longus
what muscle originates on the distal ulna and goes to the distal radius? pronator quadratus
What muscle origintaes on the upper 3/4 of the ulna and interosseus membrane? Flexor digitorum profundus
What muscle inserts on the base of the distal phalanx of the thumb? flexor pollicis longus
What muscle inserts on the base of the distal phalanx? flexor digitorum profundus
What muscle goes from the middle radius and interosseus membrane and goes to the base of the distal phalanx of thumb? flexor pollicis longus
What muscle goes from the upper 3/4 of ulna and interosseus membrane to the base of distal phalanx? flexor digitorum profundus
The flexor digitorum profundus is dually innervated by what nerves? 1. median (to digits 2 and 3) 2. ulnar n. (to digits 4 and 5)
The median n. (alone) innervates what two muscles? flexor pollicus longus and pronator quadratus
What branch of the median nerve innervates all three of the forearm deep layer muscles? anterior interosseus n.
What muscle flexes the distal phalanx of thumb (as well as proximal phalanx)? flexor pollicis longus
what is the action of the flexor digitorum profundus? flexes distal phalanx
Pronation of the forearm is done by what muscle? pronator quadratus
All the muscles of the forearm are innervated by median n., except... 1. flexor carpi ulnaris 2. ulnar 1/2 of flexor digitorum profundus
The flexor carpi ulnaris and ulnar 1/2 of flexor digitorum profundus are innervated by... ulnar n.
The median n. has what spinal cord segments in it? C6-T1
The median n. runs medial to what artery in the cubital fossa? brachial artery
The median nerve through the heads of what muscle? pronator teres
The median nerve runs deep to what muscle? flexor digitorum superficialis
The median nerve gives off what branch to the deep group? anterior interosseus
Last, The median nerve passes under the _______ __________ flexor retinaculum
The ulnar nerve contains what nerve fibers? C8-T1
1. The ulnar nerve passes behind the ________ ________ medial epicondyle
2. The ulnar n. passes through the heads of what muscle? flexor carpi ulnaris
3. Then the ulnar n. passes between what two muscles? with what artery? flexor carpi ulnaris and flexor digitorum profundus with the ulnar artery
4. The ulnar n. and ulnar artery cross anterior to what? near the ________ bone in Guyon's canal flexor retinaculum, pisiform
The radial n. has what nerve fibers in it? C5-T1
The deep branch of the radial n. pierces what muscle to go to the __________ forearm. supinator, extensor
The superficial branch of the radila n. runs deep to what muscle? the on the radial side of what artery? brachioradialis, radial
The radial nerve ends by providing cutaneous innervation to what? dorsum of the hand
The brachial artery divides at what into two terminal branches? level of the neck of the radius
What are the two branches of the brachial artery? 1. ulnar 2. radius
The radial artery runs under what muscle? brachioradialis
The radial artery runs ________ around the wrist to the ________ of the hand laterally, dorsum
1. The ulnar artery goes from the _________ fossa, passes deep to _________ head of the _________ _________. cubital, ulnar, pronator teres
2. The ulnar artery passes deep to what muscle? flexor digitorum superficialis
3. Then the ulnar a. runs with what n.? between what two muscles? ulnar, flexor carpi ulnaris and flexor digitorum profundus
The ulnar artery branches off into what? common interosseus
The common interosseus artery branches in to what two arteries? anterior and posterior interosseus
The ulnar artery crosses anterior to what? with what nerve? flexor retinaculum, ulnar n.
The flexor retinaculum is a ________ thickening of the deep fascia. distal
The flexor retinaculum is also known as... transverse carpal ligament
The flexor retinaculum is distinct and deeper to what ligament? palmar carpal
The flexor ret. attaches to what? carpals
It converts the carpal groove into the... carpal tunnel
What is the tendon of the flexor carpi radialis? palmar longus
What is deep to the retinaculum? 1. median nerve 2. tendons of flexor digitorum profundus and superficialis 3. tendon of flexor pollicis longus
Name the four joints of the wrist. 1. Distal Radioulnar Joint 2. radiocarpal joint 3. Midcarpal joint 4. carpometacarpal joints
The distal radioulnar joint is in a __________ joint cavity. seperate
what separates the radioulnar joint from the radiocarpal joint? articular disc
where is the radiocarpal joint located? between radius, articular disc and scaphoid, lunate and triquetral
What are the ligaments of the radiocarpal joint? 1. Radial collateral 2. Ulnar collateral
The midcarpal joints are held together by what? intercarpal ligaments
The 1st metacarpal articulates with? trapezium
The 2nd metacarpal articulates with? trapezoid
The 3rd metacarpal articulates with? capitate
The 4th and 5th metacarpal articulate with? hamate
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