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Stack #25714

Mod G Unit 4 Words Thompson Institute hbg

pondere answer
narratus to tell
pensatus to weigh
neg- not, -, negative
leger/e logic
fidere trust
com- together, with
morb- disease, sickness
mal- bad, poor
re- back, again
lemma- proposition
con- with
chir/o, chiro hand
pract/i, practic/o practice
mort/i, mort/o, mort/u dead
sens/i sensation
-al pertaining to
RUQ right upper quadrant
RLQ right lower quadrant
LUQ left upper quadrant
LLQ left lower quadrant
gm, g gram
gr grain
kg kilogram
mg milligram
inv intravenous
compensation to make amends for a loss
morbidity state of being diseased
mortality the proportion of deaths to the population
chiropractic method of treating diseases to body joints
narrative story
morals knowing right from wrong
dilemma situation of choosing unpleasant alternatives
laws rules of conduct
ethics code of morals
negligence failure to use reasonable care
malpractice unprofessional treatment by physician or surgeon
liability state of being responsible
respondeat superior let the master answer
confidentiality trust; told in firm belief
consent to agree
ventral front of body
dorsal back of body
lateral side or sideways
tranverse dividing into upper & lower halves
medial towards the middle
peripheral away from the head
Created by: shady123