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VP2*** Set 11

Vernal Related to spring; fresh
Vim Vitality and energy
Vituperate To abuse verbally, berate
Voluble Talkative, speaking easily, glib
Zenith The point of culmination; peak
Zephyr A gentle breeze; something airy or unsubstantial
Equivocate To avoid committing oneself in what one says, to be deliberately unclear
Ersatz Being an artificial and inferior substitute or imitation
Excoriated To censure scathingly; to express strong disapproval of
Extirpate To root out, eradicate, literally or figuratively; to destroy wholly
Extrinsic External, unessential; originating from the outside
Effluvia Waste; odorous fumes given off by waste
Epochal Momentous, highly significant
Eponymous Giving one's name to a place, book, restaurant Synonym: named after
Doctrinaire Rigidly devoted to theories without regard for practicality; dogmatic
Discomfit To disconcert, to make on lose one's composure
Diluvial Pertaining to a flood
Demagogue Leader, rabble-rouser, usually using appeals to emotion or prejudice
Declaim To speak loudly and vehemently
Countervail To act or react with equal force
Created by: maomao93
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