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PT 620 Arm

What are the four cutaneous nerves of the arm? 1. Medial Cutaneous n. of the arm 2. upper lateral cutaneous 3. Posterior cutaneous n. 4. Lower lateral cutaneous n.
The Medial cutaneous n. of the arm is a branch of what? medial cord of the brachial plexus
The upper lateral cutaneous n. is a branch of what nerve? axillary n.
The posterior cutaneous n. is a branch of what nerve? radial n.
The lower lateral cutaneous nerve is a branch of waht nerve? radial n.
Name the three superficial veins of the arm. 1. Basilic 2.Cephalic 3. Median Cubital Vein
Where is the basilic vein located? medial and pierces the deep fascia 1/3 way up the arm
In the axilla the basilic vein becomes the _________ vein. axillary
The cephalic vein runs __________ in arm, then runs between what two muscles? 1. superficial 2. deltoid and pec major
After the cephalic vein passes between pec major and the deltoid it pierces what? and then empties into the ________ vein. 1. clavipectoral fascia 2. axillary
Where is the median cubital vein found? cubital fossa
The median cubital vein connects the _______ and ________ veins. cephalic and basilic
Blood is frequently drawn form what vein? median cubital vein
The deep fascia blends with _________ __________ and covers ______. 1. bony prominences 2. muscles
The deep fascia forms _______ and lateral __________ septa creating an _______ and posterior _________. 1. medial 2. intermuscular 3. anterior 4. compartments
Name the muscles of the anterior compartment 1. Coracobrachialis 2. Biceps Brachii 3. Brachialis
What is the origin of the coracobrachialis muscle? coracoid process
Where on the humerus does the coracobrachialis insert? middle shaft of the humerus
The coracobrachialis is innervated by __________ nerve. musculocutaneous nerve
The coracobrachialis muscle _______ the shoulder and ______ the arm. 1. flexes 2. adducts
Which head of the biceps brachii originates on the coracoid process? supraglenoid tubercle? 1. short head 2. long head
The tendinous origin of the biceps brachii runs in the ________ ________ of the shoulder joint. fibrous capsule
The tendinous origin of the biceps brachii is enclosed in the ______ _______ synovial membrane
The two tendons of the biceps brachii fuse together and insert on the _________ _________ radial tuberosity
______ insertion the biceps brachii gives off a _________ aponeurosis ________ which fuses with the deep fascia. Before, bicipital, medially
The biceps brachii is innervated by __________ nerve musculocutaneous n.
The biceps brachii perfomrs elbow __________, ___________ and shoulder _________ flexion, supination, flexion
Wha tpart of the humerus does the Brachialis originate from? lower, anterior humerus
The brachilais inserts where? coranoid process
The brachialis muscle is innervated by ___________ nerve. musculocutaneous nerve
All of the muscles of the anterior compartment are innervated by what nerve? musculocutaneous nerve
The brachialis muscle can be dually innervated by the ______ nerve also. radial
The brachialis is an elbow ________ both in supination and ________ flexor, pronation
Elbow flexion is what myotome? C5,6
Name the muscles of the Posterior Compartment 1. Triceps 2. Anconeus
Name which head of the triceps originates on the posterior humerus above the spiral groove. lateral head
Which head of the triceps orgiantes on the infraglenoid tubercle? long head
The medial head originates where on the humerus? posterior humerus below the spiral groove
The superficial part of the muscle is formed by what two heads? long and lateral head
All of the triceps bellies insert on what? olecranon process
The action of the triceps brachii ________ the elbow. extends
What head of the triceps can adduct and extend the arm? long head
What muscle originates on the lateral epicondyle of the humerus annd foes to the lateral surface of the olecranon, lateral ulna? Anconeus
The anconeus is innervated by what nerve? radial
The action of the Anconeus is ______. extension
What is the myotome of elbow extension? C7
When does the axillary artery become the brachial artery? lower border of teres major muscle
What compartment of the arm does the brachial artery run in? anterior compartment
Name the three branches of the brachial artery. 1. profunda brachii 2. muscular branches 3. collateral branches to the elbow
Where does the profunda brachii run? with what nerve? 1. spiral groove 2. radial n.
What does the profunda brachii artery supply? posterior compartment
The profunda brachii gives off _______ branches to the _________ collateral, elbow
The brachial artery ends by bifurcating into what two arteries? 1. radial 2. ulna
The bracnches of the brachial artery supply what? forearm
The radial and ulnar arteries give off ________ branches that form _______ with the ________ branches around the elbow. 1. recurrent 2. anastomosis 3. collateral
Name the nerves of the arm. 1. radial 2. musculocutaneous 3. median 4. ulnar
Name the spinal nerve fibers are in the radial n.? C5-T1
The radial nerve is form the ________ cord. posterior
The radial nerve is seen in the _______ interval with what artery? triangular, profunda brachii a.
Where does the radial n. run in the what compartment? spiral groove of posterior compartment
What compartment and other group of muscles does the radial n. innervate? posterior, forearm extensors
In what part of the arm and what muscles is the radial n. found 1. lower lateral arm 2. brachialis 3. brachioradialis m.
In the forearm what does the radial n. branch into? superficial and deep
The musculocutaneous nerve has what nerve fibers in it? C5-7
What muscle does the musculocutaneous n. pierce? coracobrachialis
In what compartment and deep to what muscle does the musculocutaneous n run? anterior, biceps
The musculocutaneous n. terminates as the ___________ cutaneous n of the _________ lateral, forearm
The median nerve is fromed by what two roots? The medial and lateral toots of the median nerve.
The nerve fibers in the median nerve are __________ C6-T1
Where does the median nerve run? deep to what? medial aspect of the anterior compartment, deep fascia
T/F The median nerve innervates the arm. F
The ulnar nerve comes from what cord? medial
The ulnar nerve runs in what compartment? deep to what? posterior, deep fascia
The ulnar nerve has what spinal fibers in it? C8,T1
The ulnar nerve passes posterior to what? then continues into the ________ medial epicondyle, forearm
The cubital fossa is an inverted __________ space, ________ to the elbow triangular, anterior
What is the lateral border of the cubital fossa? brachioradialis
What is the medial border of the cubital fossa? pronator teres
The base is an imaginary line between the humeral _________ epicondyles
The roof of the cubital fossa is _______ _______ reinforced by the ________ aponeurosis deep fascia, bicipital
What is the superficial vein of this area? median cubital veins
What are the contents of the cubital fossa lateral to medial? 1. tendon of biceps brachii 2. brachial artery 3. median nerve
T?F the radial nerve is part of the cubital fossa F
The floor of the cubital fossa is the _________ muscle brachialis
What is the only articulation between the trunk and upper limb? sternoclavicular
What is the composition of the sterno clavicular joint? 1. clavicular notch of the manubrium 2. sternal end of clavicle 3. cartilage of 1st rib
What type joint is the sternoclaviicular joint? modified saddle, synovial joint
What are the ligmanets of the sternoclavicular joint? 1. interclavicular 2. anterior and posterior sternoclavicular 3. costoclavicular
Where is the costoclavicular ligament located? between the first rib to inferior clavicle
What type of joint is the acromioclavicular joint? plane synovial joint
What are the ligaments of the acromioclavicular joint? acromioclavicular (thickening of fibrous capsule)
What type of joint is the coracoclavicular joint? fibrous (considered part of the acromioclavicular joint)
What are the two ligaments of the coracoclavicular joint? 1. Trapezoid 2. Conoid
The trapezoid is between the coracoid process and the _______ clavicle
What is the function of the trapezoid ligament? hold clavicle down
What does the trapezoid ligament limit? adduction
A third degree shoulder separation is what? complete tear of coracoclavicular ligmament and the end of the clavicle stands up
T/F The clavicel moves with the scapula? T
The coracoacromial ligament is weak/strong strong
What bursa lis beneath and between what tendon subacromial. supraspinatus tendon
When the arm is in internal rotation the coracoacromial ligament limits _________ abduction
The glenoid humeral joint is between what? head of the humerus and the glenoid fossa
What deepens the glenoid fossa? labrum
The glenhumeral joint is what type of joint? ball and socket
T?F The glenohumeral joint is thick and stable F thin and lax
Where does the fibrous capsule attach? scapula beyond the glenoid labrum to rrot of coracoid proces
The origin of what muscle lies in the fibrous capsule? long head of biceps
Most dislocations occur at what part of the capsule? inferior
Name the thickenings of the fibrous capsule. 1. coracohumeral ligament 2. glenohumeral ligament
The coracohumeral ligament runs from the coracoid to the.... greater tubercle
The glenohumeral ligament thickens what part of the capsule? anterior
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