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VP2*** Set 8

Extrude To form or shape something by pushing it out, to force out, especially through a small opening
Febrile Feverish, marked by intense emotion or activity
Feckless Ineffective, worthless
Fictive Fictional, relating to imaginative creation
Filibuster To use obstructionist tactics, especially prolonged speech making, in order to delay something Synonym: stall
Fortuitous By chance, especially by favorable chance Synonym: accidental
Frenetic Frantic, frenzied
Fulsome Abundant; flattering in an insincere way
Galvanize To shock; to arouse awareness
Gamely (what part of speech?) Spirited, bravely (adverb)
Gauche Lacking social refinement
Harangue To give a long speech
Histrionics Deliberate display of emotion for effect; exaggerated behavior calculated for effect
Hubris Excessive pride or self-confidence
Husband To manage economically; to use sparingly
Illusory Producing illusion, deceptive
Imperious Commanding, domineering; urgent
Implacable Inflexible; not capable of being changed or pacified
Created by: maomao93


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