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P Qualities of a HCW

First impressions formed in the first few seconds
Empathy to identify with and understand anther persons felling, situations, and motives
Honesty truthfulness and integrity, being willing to admit mistakes
Dependability perform tasks on time and accurately; accept responsibility required in your position
Willingness to Learn willing to learn and adapt to changes
Patience tolerance and understanding
Acceptance of Criticism willing to accept criticism and learn from it - allows you to improve your work
Enthusiasm enjoying work and displaying a positive attitude
Self Motivation ability to begin or to follow through with a task - determine things that need to be done and do them without constant direction
Tact having the ability to say or do the kindest or most fitting thing in a difficult situation
Competence qualifies and capable or performing a task
Responsibility being willing to be held accountable for actions
Discretion always use good judgement in what you say and do - ensure patient confidentiality
Team Player work well with others to provide patient with quality care
Diet Personal quality of a healthcare worker - well balanced meals and nutritious food
Rest Personal quality of a healthcare worker - 8 hours of sleep per night
Exercise Personal quality of a healthcare worker - stay in shape and be able to move around for long shifts
Good Posture Personal quality of a healthcare worker - helps prevent fatigue and puts less stress on muscles
AVOID Personal quality of a healthcare worker - tobacco, alcohol, drugs
Created by: cartac
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