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Characteristics HCW

Personal Characteristics of a Health Care worker

How quick are first impressions formed? Within in the first few seconds.
What are first impressions mainly based off of? Appearance
What 5 main factors contribute to good health? Diet (well balanced meal), Rest, (8 plus hours)Exercise, Good Posture(helps prevent fatigue), Avoiding drugs/alcohol.
What is required by all Health Care facilities and must be worn at all times? Name Badge, usually a picture ID
Whats the rule for uniforms? Ask your agency for the policy on uniform guidelines.
Whats the rule for shoes in HCF? Fit well, NO open toe, cleaned daily and shoestrings clean or replaced frequently.
What are some personal hygiene rules? Control body odor, NO strong perfumes/lotions, avoid smoking.
What are some rules for you nails? Short and clean, artificial nails are not permitted at some HCF, no bright colors they could bother patients. Long nails can injure people, tear gloves, and collect germs.
What are some rules for your hair? Clean, neat, pulled back off of collar, No extreme styles/colors, no excessive hair accessories.
What are some rules for jewelry? Can cause injury/transmit germs, only one set of earring holes. MAKEUP- Less is best. TATTOOS- Not visible.
What are some jewelry exceptions? Watch, wedding ring and small stud earrings.
What is Empathy in health care? Identify with and understand another persons feelings, situations and motives.
What is Honesty in health care? Truthfulness and integrity, being willing to admit mistakes.
What is Dependability in health care? Perform tasks on time and accurately- accept responsibility required in your position.
What is Willingness to Learn in health care? Willing to learn and adapt to new changes. Health Care is a constant change due to technology.
What is Patience in health care? Tolerant and understanding.
What is Acceptance in Criticism in health care? Willing to accept criticism and learn from it- allows for improvement.
What is Enthusiasm in health care? Enjoying work and displaying a positive attitude.
What is Self Motivation in health care? Ability to begin or follow through with a task. Determine the things that need to be done and do them without direction.
What is Tact in health care? Having the ability to say or do the kindest or most fitting thing in a difficult situation.
What is Competence in health care? Qualified and capable of preforming a task.
What is Responsibility in health care? Being willing to being held accountable for actions.
What is Discretion in health care? Always use good judgement in what you say and do. (ensure patient confidentiality)
What is Team Player in health care? Work well with others to provide patient with quality care. Teams can accomplish goals quicker than an individual.
Created by: kaitlindyoung
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