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Most Used SAT Vocab

Most Used SAT Vocab- Simple

SAT wordDefinition
Abide Tolerate
Acrimony Bitterness
Adorn Decorate
Aesthetic Relating to beauty
Aggravate Worsen
Alleviate Lessen
Altruism Unselfishness
Amalgram Mixture
Amorphous Shapeless
Anecdote Story
Arable Fertile
Arcane Mysterious
Augment Increase
Avid Intense
Banal Dull
Belie Contradict
Benevolent Good
Boorish/Brusque/Impudent/Curt Rude
Cajole Coax
Callow Immature
Candid Frank
Capricious Unpredictable
Castigate Scold
Caustic Corrosive
Censor Edit
Chimerical Fanciful
Circunlocution Talking Around
Circumvent Go Around
collude Conspire
Commend Praise
Conciliatory/Placating Appeasing
Concord Agreement
Conflagration Fire
Consensus Agreement
Convivial/Affable/Amiable Friendly
Cumudgeon Cranky Person
Cursory On the Surface
Debase Lower
Decorous Well-Behaved
Defy Go Against
Delineate Define
Didactic Educational
Diffidence/Introversion Shyness
Diligent Hardworking
Discreet Tactiful
Discrete Seperate
Disingenious Fake
Disinterested Unbiased
Disseminate Spread
Dissolution Coming Apart
Dogmatic Rigid
Ebullience/Effervescence Bubbliness
Eloquent Well-Spoken
Elucidate Clarify
Eminent/Prominent Well-Known
Empiric From Experience
Created by: WestonSandfort
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