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Chapter 5 -Intestine

Chapter 5 - Intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas

What is the length of the small intestine? 20 feet long from the pyloric sphincter to the first part of the large intestine.
What are the three parts of the small intestine? First section Duodenum ( 1 foot long), Second Section Jejunum (8 feet long), Third part is the Ileum (11 feet long)
What does the Duodenum do? It receives food from the stomach as well as bile from the liver and gallbladder and pancreatic juice from the pancreas. Enzymes and bile helps digest food before it passed into the second part of the small intestine.
What does the ileum do? Ileum attaches to the first part of the large intestine.
Where is the large intestine? It extends from the end of the ileum to the anus
What are the three main components of the large intestine? The cecum, the colon, and the rectum
What is the cecum? A pouch on the right side that connects to the ileum at the ileocecal valve
What are the appendix? No clear function, hang from the cecum. Can become inflamed and infected when clogged or blocked.
What are the four components of the colon? Ascending, descending, transverse, and sigmoid.
What is the ascending colon? The ascending colon extends from the cecum to the under surface of the liver, where it turns to the left to become the transverse colon.
What is the transverse colon? The transverse colon passes horizontally to the left towards the spleen and then turns downward into the descending colon.
What is the sigmoid colon? The sigmoid colon is shaped like an S begins at the distal ed of the descending colon and leads into the rectum.
What is the rectum? The rectum terminates into the lower opening of the gastrointestinal tract. (anus)
What does the large intestine do? The large intestine receives the fluid waste products of the digestion and store these wastes until they can released from the body.
What is Defecation? The expulsion or passage of feces from the body through the anus