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History Chp8

The Age of Exploration

Great Silk Road The main route to the East
Empire A group of nations ruled over by another country
Colony A country or region that is ruled by another country
Caravel A ship that is clinker built and has lateen sails
Clinker built Overlapping planks of wood which strengthens the ships against the Atlantic waves
Lateen sails Triangular sails that allowed ships to sail against the wind
Compass An instrument which gives direction
Portolan Charts Maps which recorded information such as the shape of coastlines and the depth of water at particular places
Log and line Used to calculate the speed of a ship by counting knots
Lead and line Used to calculate the depth of water
Astrolabe Measured latitude by studying the position of the sun
Quadrant Measured latitude by studying the position of the stars
Prince Henry the Navigator The Portuguese Prince who set up a school for sailers in Sagres
Bartolomeu Diaz Sailed around the tip of Africa 'Cape of Good Hope'
Vasco Da Gama Reached India by sailing around Africa
Treaty of Tordesillas An agreement that divided the 'New World' between Spain and Portugal
Ferdinand Magellan Circumnavigated the globe
Hernando Cortes Conquered the Aztec empire
Francisco Pizarro Conquered the Inca empire
Conquistador Spanish word for 'soldier' referring to those who conquered the 'New World' for Spain
Slavery Triangle the trade triangle whereby ships delivered African slaves to the Americas, American goods to Europe, then sailed back to Africa to repeat the process
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