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Chapter 5 Vocab CBCS

NHA Study guide 2.1 Runyan- Blue Ridge Community College

HCPS Health Care Procedure Codes based on the AMA A group of codes and descriptors used to represent health care procedures, supplies, products, and services
Volume 1 Tabular list of diseases and injuries
Volume 2 Alphabetical Index to diseases and injuries
Volume 3 Classification for procedures
ICD International Classification of Disease Global Health Information
CPT Current Procedural Terminology Medical code set that is used to report medical, surgical, and diagnostic services and procedures
V Codes Codes used to classify visits when circumstances other than disease or injury are the reason for the appointment ONLY ICD-9-CM
E Codes Used to classify environmental events, circumstances, and conditions, such as the case of injury, poisoning, and other adverse events, as well as where it happened ONLY ICD-9-CM NOT ON TEST
Encounter A direct, professional meeting between a patient and a health care professional
Mortality the incidence of death in a specific population
Morbidity the number of cases of disease in a specific population
Category I describes and reports medical, surgical, and diagnostic services
Category II designed to serve as supplemental tracking codes that can be used for performance management
Category III used for temporary coding
AMA A professional group that publishes research to advance public health and for the interest of registered physician members
Encoder Software that is just codes
CAC Computer Assisted Coding Software that scans the entire record
Abstracting Reviewing the health record and/or encounter form
Encounter Form Form that includes information about past history, current history
MS-DRG grouper Software that helps coders assign the appropriate MS-DRG
MS-DRG Medicare Severity Diagnosis-Related Group
Created by: AprilFaith
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