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PT 620 Brach. Plexus

The brachial plexus is comprised of ________ ________ of spinal nerves. ventral rami
The plexus is divided into 5 sections what are they? (Real Tired Drink Coffee Totally Black) 1. roots 2. trunks 3. divisions 4. cords 5. terminal branches
The roots are made up of the ventral rami of what spinal segments? C5-T1
Where is the roots of the brachial plexus located? proximally between the anterior and middle scalenes
What are the three trunks of the brachial plexus? 1. Upper 2. Middle 3. Lower
The upper trunk is made of what roots? C5 and 6
The middle trunk is made up of what roots? C7
The lower trunk is made up of what roots? C8-T1
What is the location when the trunks of the brachial plexus begin? proximal to the clavicle
Where do the divisions of the brachial plexus begin? under the clavicle
Each trunk has an ______ and ________ division anterior, posterior
What join together to for the posterior cord? all of the posterior divisions
The lateral cord is formed by the joining of what divisions? upper and middle
What forms the medial cord? anterior division of the lower trunk
Divisions join together to form? cords
Cords are named according to their relationship to what? axillary artery
What are the three cords? medial, lateral, and posterior
Where do the cords form? where do they head? deep to the clavicle, they extend distally
The three cords terminate as __ branches? 5
The posterior cord forms what two nerves? axillary and radial
The spinal cord fibers of the axillary nerve are? C5 and 6
The spinal cord fibers in the radial nerve are? C5-T1
The lateral cord continues as a nerve and a nerve root? 1. musculocutaneous n. 2. lateral root of median n.
The spinal cord fibers found in musculocutaneous n. are? C5, 6, 7
The lateral root of the median nerve contains what spinal cord fibers? C6,7
The medial cord splits into a nerve and the root of a nerve? 1. ulnar n. 2. medial root of median n.
The ulna nerve has what spinal cord fibers? C8, T1 and often C7
The medial root of the median nerve contains what spinal cord fibers? C8-T1
The lateral root of the median nerve joins with the medial root of the median n. to form the ______ n. median
The median nerve contains what spinal cord fibers? C6-T1
What are the three nerves that branch off from the roots of the brachial plexus? 1. dorsal scapular 2. phrenic n. 3. long thoracic nerve
What nerve branches from the roots of C4, 5? dorsal scapular
The phrenic nerve branches from the roots of what spinal cord segement? C3, 4, 5
The long thoracic nerve branches from the roots of what spinal cord segment? C5, 6, 7
What two branches come off the upper trunk? 1. nerve to subclavius 2. suprascapular n.
What are the spinal cord segments represented in nerve to subclavius? suprascapular? 1. C5, 6 2. C5, 6
Are there an branches from the lower and middle trunk? NO
What is the branch from the lateral cord? lateral pectoral n.
What spinal cord branches are represented in the lateral pectoral n.? C5,6,7
What three branches come from the medial cord? 1. medial pectoral n 2. medial brachial cutaneous n. 3. medial antebrachial cutaneous n.
Each of the branches of the medial cord have what spinal cord segments represented? C8, T1
What are the three branches of the posterior cord? 1. Upper subscapular 2. Thoracodorsal 3. lower subscapular
Name the spinal cord segments in the upper subscapular? thoracodorsal? lower subscapular? 1. C5 2. C6,7,8 3. C6
The posterior cord is made up of what two nn? radial and axillary
The radial n. innervates what two groups of muscles? 1. extensors 2. supinator
The axillary n. goes to what two muscles? 1. deltoid 2. teres minor
The musculocutaneous n. innervates what muscle? what area of skin? 1. elbow flexors 2. forearm
The ulnar nerve innervates... 2 muscles of the forearm, and Most hand intrinsics
The median nerve innervates.... MOST forearm flexors, and a few hand intrinsics
What causes Erb's Palsy? excessive neck lateral flexion and shoulder depression
when is Erb's Palsy most common? during birth or a stinger in football
What nerve roots are usually effected? Evulsion or stretching of C5 and 6
What happens to the Upper Extremity? waiter's position, arm adducted, internally rotated, wrist flexion, shoulder and elbow extension
What is Klumpke's palsy? injury with arms overhead causing the eveulsion or stretching of C8 and T1
What muscles are affected the most? hand intrinsics
The shoulder shrug is what myotome? C4
Shoulder abduction, external rotation is what myotome? C5
The C5,6 myotome is... elbow flexion
Wrist extension is what myotome C6
Elbow extension and wrist flexion is what myotome? C7
Finger flexion is what myotome? C8
T1 myotome is... finger ABD and ADD
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