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week 3

lymph, cardio, respiratory

anisocytosis presence of red blood cells of unequal size
bacteremia presence of bacteria in the blood
splenomegaly abnormal enlargement of the spleen
toxemia presence of toxins in the bloodstream
erythropenia abnormally reduced number of red blood cells
macrocytosis abnormally large red blood cells
poikilocytosis irregularly shaped red blood cells
polycythemia abnormal increase in number of red blood cells
hemorrhage abnormal loss of blood from the circulation
botulism caused by a neurotoxin produced by CLostridium botulinum
tetanus disease caused by a neurotoxin released by Clostridium tetani
immunodeficiency condition resulting from a defective immune response
fungemia fungal infection that spreads throughout the body by way of the bloodstream
diptheria infectious disease resulting in acute inflammation with formation of a leathery membrane in the throat
malaria disease caused by a parasitic protozoan that infects red blood cells and the liver
cyanosis blue tinge in the skin and mucous membranes
syncope fainting
cardiogenic sign or symptom that originates from a condition of the heart
cardiodynia pain associated with the heart
arrhythmia "condition of without rhythm"
tachycardia fast heartbeat
angina pectoris chest pain or pressure
palpitation pounding, racing, or skipping of the heartbeat
aneurysm abnormal bulging of an arterial wall
cardiac tamponade caused by fluid within pericardial cavity
cor pulmonale "heart lung"
heart murmur an abnormal sound heard through auscultation
cardiac arrest cessation of heartbeat
coronary artery disease disease of the coronary vessels
coronary occlusion blockage in a coronary vessel
atrial septal defect congenital heart defect
congestive heart failure left ventricular failure
heart block block of the heart conduction system
fibrillation uncoordinated, rapid heartbeat
thoracalgia pain in the chest region
apnea pause in breathing
eupnea normal breathing
bradypnea slow breathing
paroxysm severe coughing spell (resp sys)
hemoptysis coughing up and spitting out blood
sputum expectorated (spit-out)matter that contains mucus, inhaled particulates, sometimes pus and blood
hemothorax blood in the pleural cavity
hypercapnia excessive carbon dioxide blood levels
hypoxemia deficient levels of oxygen in the blood
Cheyne-Stokes respiration pattern of repeated distressed breathing marked by a gradual increase of deep breathing, followed by shallow breathing and space
emphysema chronic lung disease named by a Greek work that means "to inflate"
pertussis also known as whooping cough
asthma condition of the lungs that is characterized by widespread narrowing of the bronchioles and formation of mucous plugs
severe acute respiratory syndrome severe viral infection resulting in respiratory distress that includes lung inflammation, alveolar damage, and atelectasis
croup barking cough caused by an acute obstruction in the larynx among children
atelectasis collapsed lung
tracheitis inflammation of the trachea
tuberculosis highly contagious bacterial disease
coryza clinical term for the common cold
pyothorax condition of pus in the pleural cavity
bronchodilation procedure that uses a bronchodilating agent in an inhaler to reduce bronchial constriction
expectorant breaks up mucus and promotes coughing
arterial blood gases oxygen and carbon dioxide blood levels
pulmonary angiography x-ray of lung blood vessels
pulmonary function tests use of spirometry to evaluate lung function
nebulizer device used to convert a liquid medication to a mist and deliver it to lungs
ventilation-perfusion scanning diagnostic tool that uses nuclear medicine, or the use of radioactive material. to evaluate pulmonary function
attenuation process in which pathogens are rendered less virulent, or infectious, prior to their incorporation into a vaccine
vaccine a preparation used to activate an immune response
immunization procedure that establishes immunity against a particular antigen
prothrombin time a timed test for coagulation rate
blood chemistry tests on a sample of plasma to measure the levels of certain chemicals
antiretroviral therapy drugs used to battle retroviruses
prophylaxis preventive treatment
antibiotic therapy therapy against bacterial infections
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