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Medical coding terms

Prefix: brady- Slow
Prefix: circum- Around, about
Prefix: dys- Bad, abnormal
Prefix: ecto- and endo- On outer side, situated on. Within, inner, absorbing.
Prefix: eu- Normal, good
Prefix: hydro- and hyper- -Water -excessive
Prefix: hypo- Under, below normal
Prefix: lipo- Fat
Prefix: meta- Change,after
Prefix: my- or myo- Muscle
Prefix: nulli- None
Prefix ortho- Straight, normal
Prefix: pan- All, entire
Prefix: retro- Backeard, located behind
Prefix: symptoms or syn Toegther, joined
Prefix: tachy- Rapid, fast
Prefix: tele- Distant
Combining form: abdomen/o Abdomen
Combing form: acou/o or acoust/o Hearing
Combining form: acr/o Extremity, extreme
Combing form: aden/o and adren/o -Gland -adrenal gland
Cf: aer/o Air or gas
Cf:albumin/o Albumin
Cf: Alveol/o Alveol (air sac)
Cf: amni/o or amnion/o Amnion, amniotic fluid
Cf: an/o Anus
Cf:andr/o Male
Cf: angi/o Blood vessel
Cf: ankyl/o Crooked
Cf: anter/o Front
Cf:aort/o Aorta
Cf: appendic/o To hand onto, appendix
Aque/o Water
Arche/o First, beginning
Arter/o or arteri/o Artery
Arthr/o Joint
Ashenti/o Weakness
Atel/o Imperfect, incomplete
Ather/o Fat
Atri/o Atrium
Aud/o or audi/o Hearing
Aur/i Ear
Aut/o Self
Azot/o Urea, nitrogen
Bacter/o Bacteria
Balan/o Glans penis
Bi/o Life
Bil/i Bile
Blast/o Germ, bud
Blephar/o Eyelid
Bronch/I or bronch/o Bronch (airway)
Burs/o Purse or sac, bursa
Calc/i Calcium
Cancer/o or carcin/o Cancer
Card/o or cardi/o Heart
Carp/o Wrist
Cartil/o Gristle, Cartilage
Caud/o Tail
Cec/o Blind intestine, cecum
Cel/o Hernia, protrusion
Celi/o Abdomen
Cephal/o Head
Cerebell/o Cerebellum (little brain)
Cerebr/o Cerebrum (brain)
Cerumin/o Wax
Cervic/o Cervix, neck
Cheil/o Lip
Chem Chemistry, drug
Chir/o Hand
Chol/e Bile, gall
Choledoch/o Common bile duct
Chondr/o Cartilage
Chori/o Membrane, chorion
Chromat/o Color
Clon/o Spasm
Col/o Colon, large intestine
Colp/o Vagina
Conjunctiv/o To bind together, conjunctiva
Cor/o or core/o Pupil
Corne/o Horny, cornea
Coron/o Crown, circle
Cortic/o Tree bark, outer covering, cortex
Cost/o Rib
Cran/o or crani/o Skull, cranium
Crin/o To secrete
Crypt/o Hidden
Cutane/o Skin
Cyan/o Blue
Cyes/i or cyes/o Pregnancy
Cyst/o Bladder, sac
Cyt/o Cell
Dacry/o Tear
Dent/i Teeth
Derm/of or dermat/o Skin
Diaphragmat/o Diaphragm
Dipl/o Double
Dips/o Thirst
Dist/o Away
Derverticul/o small blind pouch, Diverticulum
Dors/o Back
Duct/o Lead, move
Duoden/o Twelve, duodenum
Dur/o Hard
Ech/o Sound
Electr/o Electricity
Emol/o Plug
Embry/o Embryo
Encephal/o Brain
Endocrin/o Endocrine
Enter/o Small intestine
Epididym/o Epididymis
Epiglott/o Epiglottis
Episi/o Vuvla
Eryth/of or erythr/o Red
Esophag/o Gullet, Esophagus
Nephr/o Kidney
Gastr/o Stomach
Mamm/o Breast
Pelv/o Pelvis
Crani/o Cranium (skull)
Root:chondro Cartilage
Root: gloss Tongue
Root: hepato Liver
Root: hyster Uterus
Root: lapar Abdomen
Root: lact Milk
Root: lith Stone
Root: nat Birth
Root: oophor Ovary
Prefix:a- or an- Without
Suffix: -algia Pain
Suffix: -emia Blood condition
S: -itis Inflammation
S: -megaly Enlargement
S: -meter Measure
S: -oma Tumor, mass
EEG Electroencephalogram is a test that detects electricAL activity I the brain. EKG or ECG is for the heart.
S:-osis Abnormal condition
S:-pathy Disease condition.
S:-rrhagia Bursting forth of blood.
S:-rrhea Discharge, flow
S:-sclerosis Hardening
S:-scopy To view, visual exam.
S:-centesis Surgical puncture.
S:-ectomy Removal, excision.
S:-gram Record Ex: echocardiogram
S:-graphy Process of recording.
S:-lysis Seperation, breakdown, destruction.
S:-pexy Surgical fixation.
S:-plasty Surgical repair.
S:-rraphly Suture.
S:-stomy Opening.
S:-therapy Treatment.
S:-tomy Incision, to cut into.
Coronal/frontal Vertical plane dividing the body into front and back surfaces.
Transverse Horizontal plane dividing the body into top and bottom sections.
Sagittal Vertical plane dividing the body into right and left sides.
Anterior /ventral Front of body surface.
Posterior /dorsal Back of body surface.
Mediel Middle of body structure.
Lateral The side.
Inferior Below.
Superior Above
Distal Far from origin, away from.
Proximal Near the origin, closer.
Created by: Jmaryezell
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