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SAT Vocabulary

ELA Words to study throughout the year.

Aestetic Characterized by a sensitivity to beauty in art and taste.
Conventional Customary; conforming to established practices.
Mitigate To make less severe or harsh; to moderate; to lessen; to relieve.
Pragmatic Practical; realistic; down to Earth.
Altruistic Characterized by unselfish concern for the welfare of others; not egotistical.
Antithetical Characterized by an extreme contrast or polar opposites.
Prescient Perceiving the significance of events before they occur; showing foresight.
Nostalgia A bittersweet longing for something in the past.
Beguile To trick or captivate someone, either with deception or irresistible charm.
Ominous Menacing and threatening; foreshadowing ill-fortune.
Succinct Brief and to the point; concise.
Discerning Demonstrating keen insight and good judgement; able to distinguish good from bad.
Belie To give a false impression; to misrepresent.
Anomaly A devotion from a common pattern; a departure from the norm; something that is typical and thus aberrant.
Peremptory An order or command that does not allow discussion or refusal; an arbitary order.
Diffident Timid; lacking self-confidence; shy and reserved, especially in social gathering; self-effacing.
Frank Open and honest; candid.
Revere To show great respect for a person, idea, or symbol; to venerate
Subtle Graduel and therefore not obvious.
Reticent Reluctant to publicly discuss one's thoughts, feelings, and personal affairs; restraind, and reserved in style; not out spoken,
Anecdote A short story told to illustrate a point.
Vignette A brief sketch.
Simile A figure of speech in which two essentially unlike things are compared often in a phrase introduced by "like" or "as".
Metaphor A figure of speech in which two unrelated objects are compared.
Personification A figure of speech in which inanimate object are endowed with human characteristics.
Paradox A seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true.
Assonance The repetition of vowel sounds within non-rhyming words.
Verbal Irony Saying one thing than implying something else, usually the opposite of the expressed meaning.
Situational Irony An inconsistency between what is expected or intended and what actually occurs.
Parallel Structure The repetition of words, phrases, or sentences that are similar in meaning and structure.
Under Statement A figure of speech in which a writer or speaker deliberately makes a scene seam less important than it is.
Hyperbole The use of exaggeration in language for the purpose of emphasis.
Allusion A reverence to a person, place, or thing historical or literary, that adds to the reader's knowledge of the subject.
Parenthetical Expression An expression inserted into the flow of thought and set off by parenthesis.
Sature The use of vices, irony, and sarcasm to make fun of human politics.
Analogy A comparison of an unfamiliar idea or object to a familiar one.
Analogous Characterized by parallel similarity, that permit the drawing of an analogy.
Lampoon To ridicule with satire.
Eulogize To praise with elegant words.
Euphemism A more agreeable or less offensive substitute for a generally unpleasant word or concept.
Qualify To limit, modify, or restrict.
Concede To acknowledge or admit; to make concessions.
Rebut To attempt to prove that an accusation or theory is false.
Refute To disprove an accusation or theory,
Undermine To weaken; subvert; hinder.
Underscore To emphasize; to draw special attention to a fact, idea, or situation.
Coherent Marked by an order, logical, and clean relationship.
Bias A mental tendency or inclination especially an unfair preference for a person or group; not objective and therefore partisan.
Crterion The standard of judging something.
Conjecture A hypothesis formed from incomplete evidence; a deduction.
Sanguine Confidently optimistic, and cheerful.
Exuberant Really happy and enthusiastic; joyfully unrestrained.
Didactic Designed or intended to teach or instruct; serving to enlighten or inform.
Emphatic Marked by great conviction; forceful and clear; ambiguous.
Earnest Marked by deep sincerely and serious intent.
Fervent Very enthusiastic; having or showing great intensity or spirit.
Jovial Describes people who display high-spirited merriment; full of joy.
Scholary Describes a tone that is academic learned, and studious.
Lighthearted Describes an attitude or mood that is carefree and cheerful.
Exhilarated Filled with excitement and enthusiasm; thrilled.
Indignant Characterized by outrage caused by something perceived as unjust or wrong.
Sandonic Very sarcastic; mocking.
Flippant Characterized by a casual, disrespectful attitude; especially in situations that call for a serious response.
Skeptical Characterized by an attitude of doubt and distrust.
Nonchalant Marked by an air of casual concern.
Disdain A feeling of intense dislike and great scorn; contempt
Vehement Characterized by strong emotions or convictions; very emphatic.
Caustic Characterized by a critical tone and biting words that can cause hurt feelings.
Wary Marked by caution; a watchful concern that is alert to danger or deception.
Pompous Characterized by an excessive and elevated sense of self-importance; arrogant.
Ambivalent Characterized by mixed feelings about a person, object, or cause of action.
Indifferent Characterized by a lack of interest of concern; pathetic
Wistful Sadly thoughtful; pensively reflective.
Whimsical Spontaneously fanciful or playful; given to chance of whims.
Evenhanded Marked by impartiality; fair to all sides.
Prudent Characterized by a watchful and careful consideration of all potential consequences; cautious and sensible.
Reflective Taking time to think carefully about things; thoughtful.
Conversational An informal exchange or presentation of thoughts and feelings.
Objective Looking at issues in a detached and impartial manner.
Measured The quality of being calm and restrained; unhurried and deliberate.
Hedonist A person who is devoted to seeking sensual pleasure.
Reprobate A person who is depraved, unprincipled, and wicked.
Interloper A person who intrudes where he or she is not wanted; an uninvited guest.
Acolyte A person who is a devoted fan or follower of someone famous.
Iconoclast A person who attacks cherished ideas, traditions and institutions.
Mentor A person who acts as a wise and trusted adviser.
Benefactor A person who helps people or institutions.
Inovator A person who creates new inventions, ideas, or ways of doing things.
Proponent A person who fights for a cause, idea, or movement; a champion.
Sage A person who is renowned for his or her wisdom and sagacity.
Demayogue A political leader who inflames popular emotions and passions
Pundit A knowledgeable commentator who offers informed opinions on a topic.
Heretic A person who opposes accepted and established beliefs.
Progenitor A person who was an originator or major contributor to an artistic style or trend.
Zealot A person who is full of enthusiasm and zeal for a cause.
Deleterious Harmful; destructive; dangerous.
Demis The end of existence or activity; death.
Despondent Feeling downcast and dishearted.
Exonerate To free from accusation and blame.
Exorbitant Unreasonably expensive; inordinately priced; literally out of orbit.
Unsavory Distasteful or disagreeable; morally offensive.
Unfailing The quality of being sure and certain; constant.
Unaffected The quality of being emotionally unmoved by outside events.
Unscrupulous The quality of being unprincipled; lacking standards of what is right or honorable.
Unpretentious Characterized by a modest and natural manner; not stilled or unnatural.
Myriad Many; a large number.
Narcissistic Characterized by excessive self-absorption especially about appearance.
Moriband Approaching death; on the verge of becoming obsolete.
Voluptuous Full of delight or pleasure; having a shapely and pleasing appearance.
Protean Capable of assuming many different shapes and forms; extremely variable.
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