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PT 620 Neck II

study help for Neck II section

Where do the facial muscles insert? the skin
What is the shape and relative thickness of facial muscles? thin and flat
From what three types of structure might facial muscles arise from? bone, skin or fascia
All facial muscles are innervated by... CN VII facial nerve
Facial muscles are named by their ___________. actions
What muscle tenses the skin on the neck? Platysma
What muscle purses the lips? Orbicularis oris
A muscle that closes eyelid Orbicularis occuli
Smiling Muscles Zygomaticus Major and minor
Muscle that elevates upper lip Levator labii superioris
Another smiling muscle Risorius
What is the action of the Depressor anguli oris? depress the angle of the mouth
A deeper facial muscle that lifts the angle of the mouth Levator anguli oris
Muscle that depresses the lip Depressor labii inferioris
Muscle that wrinkles the chin and protrudes lower lip Mentalis
Muscle used in sucking or whistling Buccinator
What three muscles wiggles the ears? Superior, anterior and posterior auricular
What muscle elevates the eyebrows, wrinkles forehead Frontalis
What muscle pulls the scalp back? Occipitalis
What is located between the Frontalis and Occipitalis Muscles? galea aponeurosis
CN VII innervates ... all muscles of facial expression
The CN VII nerve exits the skull through the... stylomastoid foramen
After the CN VII exits the skull it passes through the ________ ________ parotid gland
Name the five branches of CN VII 1. Temporal 2. Zygomatic 3.Buccal 4.Marginal Mandibular 5. Cervical
What is the condition called when the all or some of the facial muscles, usually on one side become paralyzed? Bell's Palsy
What nerve provides sensory innervation to the face? Trigeminal Nerve CN V
What are the three divisions of the trigeminal nerve? a. ophthalmic (V1) b. maxillary (V2) c. mandibular (V3)
What muscles are innervated by the mandibular branch? 1. Temporalis 2. Masseter 3. Medial Pterygoid 4. Lateral Pterygoid
What is the major sensory branch of the Opthalmic branch? supraorbital n. of V1
What is the sensory branch of the Maxillyguary branch? infraorbital n. of V2
What is the sensory branch of the Mandibular branch? mental n. of V3
What type of gland is the Parotid Gland? Major salivary gland
The parotid gland is located on the _______ face, in front of _______ to __________ of the jaw. face, ear, angle
The secretion of the Parotid duct empties into the _________ mouth
The facial artery is a branch of the _________ ________ artery external carotid
The facial artery crosses what part of the mandible? inferior border
What are the three branches of the facial artery? 1. inferior labial, 2. superior labial, 3. angular
What is the name of the terminal branch of the external carotid artery? Superficial temporal artery
What part of the face does the superficial temporal artery supply? lateral face
What are the two branches of the superficial temporal artery? temporal and zygomatic
What are the 4 prevertebral muscles? 1. Longus Capitis 2. Longus Colli 3. Rectus Capitis Anterior 3. Rectus Capitis Lateralis
What muscle originates on the transverse processes of the middle cervical vertebrae and inserts on the occipital bone? Longus capitis
What nerve innervates longus capitis segmental cervical ventral rami
This muscle has 3 parts : 2 Oblique and 1 vertical. They either attach at vertebral bodies or tranverse processes. Longus Coli
The vertical portion of the longus colli muscle attaches from what to what? lower cervical vertebral bodies to upper vertebral bodies
The upper oblique portion runs _________ from upper cervical ________ to mid cervical __________ __________. downward, bodies, transverse processes
The lower oblique portion of the longus colli runs _______ from _________ cervical bodies to mid cervical _________ ________. upward, lower, transverse processes
The longus colli muscle is innervated by ________ _______ ____ segmented ventral rami
What muscles goes from the atlas to the occipital bone? Rectus Capitis Anterior and Lateralis
The rectus capitis anterior and lateralis are innervated by what? ventral rami C1,2
What muscle flexes the head and neck? Longus Capitis
What muscle just flexes the neck? Longus colli
Which muscle flexes just the head? Rectus Captitis Anterior
Which muscle does lateral flexion? Rectus Capitis Lateralis
How many cervical ganglia are in the sympathetic chain? 3
What are the muscles of the root of the neck? 1. Anterior Scalene 2. Middle Scalene 3. Posterior Scalene
Which scalene muscle originates on the transverse processes of the middle cervical vertebrae and goes to the 1st rib? Anterior Scalene
What muscle goes from all cervical transverse processes to the 1st rib Middle Scalene
What muscle goes from the transverse processes of the middle cervical vertebrae to the 2nd rib? posterior scalene
What nerve runs over the anterior scalene muscle? phrenic n.
What emerges between anterior and middle scalene muscles with subclavian artery? brachial plexus
What nerve peirces the scalene mass (post, and middle,) dorsal scapular
what are the cervical levels of the dorsal scapular n.? C4, 5
What is the major artery of the root of the neck? subclavian
what are the three branches of the subclavian artery in the root of the neck? 1. vertebral 2. Thyrocervical Trunk 2. Internal Thoracic
The vertebral artery enters the __________ foramen of C____, passes through the foraman __________, transvers, 6, magnum
Two vertebral arteries form what artery on the ventral surface of the brain stem? basilar a.
What are the two branches of the Thyrocervical Trunk? 1. Suprascapular 2. Transverse cervical
The suprascapular artery runs anterior to what muscle and what nerve? and goes through what fossa? anterior scalene, phrenic n., and suprascapular fossa
The transverse cervical a. runs anterior to what muscle? superior to what other artery? anterior scalene, suprascapular a.
Branches of the of the transverse cervical branch of the thyrocervical trunk supply what muscles? trapezius and rhomboid
What is the major vein of the root of the neck? subclavian
The subclavian vein runs anterior to what muscle? anterior scalene
What vein drains into the subclavian vein? external jugular
Thoracic Outlet cybdrome involves what spinal nerve levels? C8, T1 level
Thoracic outlet syndrome can also be caused by an extra rib where? lateral rib of C7
What artery is impinged with thoracic outlet syndrome? subclavian a.
The thoracic duct empties into what vein? at the junction with another vein? subclavian, left internal jugular
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