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Vocabulary Cards

Agriculture The process of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock
Artisan A skilled crafts worker who makes things by hand. (EX: pottery, jewelry, art)
Astronomer A person who studies the heavenly bodies, stars, and planets.
Bronze Age A period of time when people made and used bronze.
Caravan A group of merchants traveling with camels and selling their goods in an open market.
City-State A city that governs itself and its surrounding territories.
Code A set of laws to be followed by citizens of a country.
Communicate A way to share ideas or information. (language, writing)
Cuneiform A wedge-shaped writing system invented by the Sumerians where you carve shapes into clay tablets. The shapes are symbols for words.
Cyrus King of Persia
Domesticate To train an animal for human use.
Epic A very long poem about a hero and his great deeds.
Euphrates River A major water source of the Mesopotamians. Provided irrigation, water, food, transportation routes, trade routes, etc.
Gilgamesh The hero of the epic poem Gilgamesh. Defeated the monster Humbaba.
Hammurabi King of Babylon
Hammurabi's Code Strict, severe law code created by Hammurabi; carved into huge steles in society; eye for an eye- tooth for a tooth.
Irrigation Using a process to water crops on a consistent basis
Labor Work; usually manual labor; working by hand
Mesopotamia The land between two rivers; developed between Tigris and Euphrates rivers; cradle of civilization
Military Soldiers or armed forces who protect their nation.
Monarchy A form of government run by a King and Queen.
Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon; conquered by Cyrus; built the Hanging Gardens for his wife
Province Divisions of an Empire; usually political
Region Divisions of a country not always with fixed boundaries
Scribes Writers of Mesopotamia; usually men
Silt Fertile soil used to grow crops
Social Class An organization of society based on types of work and how much money you make doing your work.
Specialized Labor Training for a particular job
Technology sticks, stones, animal bones, metals used by early people to make tools and weapons.
Tigris River Major river that Mesopotamia developed around. Provided irrigation, food, water, transportation, trade routes, etc.
Tribute A forced payment given to a King of a country by the people he conquers.
Ziggurat A place of worship for Ancient Mesopotamians with a temple at the top.
Assyrians Savage military force who conquered many societies; also known as the Assassians; demanded tribute
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