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Customer Service Rev

Customer Service Final Review Mrs. Todd

Pay at the pump gasoline is an example of low touch environment true or false
Anything we do for the customer that enhances the customer's experience is Customer Service
Customer service should never admit to making a mistake true or false
The customer's overall feeling of contentment with a customer interaction is Customer Satisfaction
Customer Service only takes having a great attitude or being a people person true or false
The customers we do business with outside our organization are external customers
Customer Service providers must be proficient communicators true or false
The evaluation of the possible solutions to a challenge and the selection of the solution that is mutually beneficial is negotiation
The way you use your voice does not significantly impact how a message is received true or false
Characteristics that allow customers to be categorized according to demographic, psychographic, or firmographic information customer attributes
One of the best ways to become a better customer service provider is to become a better customer
What we do, how we react behavior
The people we work with throughout our organization internal customers
A method of illustrating the hierarchy of a company by illustrating who reports to whom is known as an organization chart
A hostile encounter that occurs as a result of opposing needs, wishes, or ideas conflict
Finding a recognizable direction in which to focus on planning
A plan for positive action is referred to as a company's strategy
Problem-solving strategy that can be used in groups of two or more brainstorming
The ONE CLASSIC idea that still works RESPECT
An active resolution to a challenging situation problem solving
A customer's usage and payment patterns is referred to as their consumption history
Reason for the organization's existance Purpose statement
Dividing customers into groups with similar characteristics market segmentation
Customer Service requires nothing more than a positive attitude true or false
Patient, organized, good listener are characteristics of the __________________customer analytical
The individual drive that causes us to behave in a particular way motivation
When customers participate in providing at least a part of their own customer service coproduction
Customers with problems, questions, fears, and personalities that require us to work to achieve true communication challenging customers
Enabling or permitting customer service providers to make a range of decisions to assist their customers empowerment
Assessing a situation and determining who should have responsibility and who really does have the responsibility responsibility check
The ability to understand what someone is experiencing and to take action to assist in resolving the situation is referred to as empathy
_____________are our personal requirements and ________________are things or experiences that are desired Needs, wants
An identified result to strive to accomplish goal
Lack of patience, faster rate of speech are characteristics of the ________________customer assertive
The values, beliefs and norms a group of people share culture
Leadership tools to reinforce training are known as job aids
The way in which a person sees him or herself and thinks that others see him or her self concept
The four critical areas customers expect us to meet expectations are timeliness, quality, consistency, first impression
Diagramming approach to problem solving that charts each step of a process to assist in determining why a problem is occurring flowchart
Professionalism, communication skills, teamwork, problem solving/critical thinking are all known as soft skills
An individual's or group's feelings or attitude toward a job, superior or company morale
Those leaders who have no official authority, but do have the ability to influence others informal leaders
The process of establishing goals and of evaluating their importance is referred to as goal setting
An individual evaluation in which individual strengths and weaknesses are identified self-assessment
Checking back to determine whether or not a situation is operating according to the initial plan follow-up
Networks of people, physical facilities and information that supports the production of customer service infrastructure
Bank lobbies, specialty stores, hotel lobbies, lawyers are examples of high touch customers true or false
Creating a strategy is dividing customers into groups with similar characteristics true or false
Asking a customer to confirm their order at a drive-up window is an example of co-production
Eye contact is not a necessary tool of communication true or false
When using email, it is appropriate to type in all uppercase letters true or false
Created by: Martodd