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Clinical Med ch 4&9

ch4&9 mlt 100

A major Advantage of POCT is: Faster turnaround time
POCT assays are usually in which CLIA category? waived
Over-the-counter test kits are in which CLIA category? waived
What is the lowest level of horomone for which most current serum hCG tests can give a positive result 25 mIU/mL
The most specific assays for human chronic gonadotropin(hCG) use antibody reagents against which subunit of hCG beta
An important characteristic to be considered when selecting a POCT instrument is rapid turnaround time, easy to perform protocol
What is the ultimate goal of the laboratory? produce accurate information in a timely manner
computer technology can be used for specimen processing, inventory control, ordering tests
The function of a CPU executes software instructions
Short term memory exchange of information
The laboratory can have directly connected computers that can access the hospital record system by use of routers and forming an LAN
An example of laboratory information system functionality is specimen tracking, quality control, archive patient cumulative reports
Future challenges for laboratory automation standards include all the following developing uniform collection devices
As estimated by The Joint Commission, what percentage of the information that physicians rely on is generated by the laboratory 80%
The major benefits of laboratory automation is reduction in medical errors, improved safety for laboratory staff, faster turnaround time
Steps in automation designed to mimic manual techniques include pipetting of specimen, pipetting of reagents, measurement of chemical reactions
What is a common principle applied in immunochemistry enzyme immunoassay
When hematology cell counters detect voltage pulses, what principle is being applied? electrical resistance
A three part blood cell differential separates Mononuclear cells granulocytes and lymphocytes
Semiautomated routine chemical screening of urine uses what test principle reflectance photometry
PCR testing is useful in forensic /genetic testing, disease diagnosis
One of the top five causes of preanalytical errors is improperly filled blood collection tube, patient incorrectly identified, test request error
Which transmission based infection control precaution stops direct spread of bacteria by touching contact precautions
Which transmission based infection control precaution stops agents dispersed by talking , coughing, or sneezing Droplet precautions
Which transmission based infection control precaution provides fromm dust particles airbourne precautions
When the coagulation of fresh whole blood is prevented through the use of an anticoagulant the straw colored fluid that can be seperated from the cellular elements plasma
Which characteristic is inaccurate with respect to the anticoagulant dipotassium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is used for most routine coagulation studies
Heparin inhibits the clotting of fresh whole blood by neutralizing the effect of thrombin
An evacuated tube with EDTA has a lavender colored stopper
An evacuated tube with Heparin has a green colored stopper
An evacuated tube with sodium citrate blue colored stopper
An evacuated tube with no anticoagulant has a red colored stopper
The first category of steps in performing a venipuncture includes Introduce yourself and briefly explain the procedure to the patient
The second category of steps in performing a venipuncture includes Identify the patient , check test requistions, assemble equipment, wash hands, and put on latex gloves
The third category of steps in performing a venipuncture includes select an appropriate site and prepare the site
The fourth of five steps in performing a venipuncture reapply the tourniquet and perform the venipuncture
The final category of steps in performing a venipuncture Remove tourniquet remove needle apply pressure to site and label all tubes
The appropriate veins for performing a routine venipuncture cephalic basilic and median cubital
How should the bevel of the needle be held during a venipuncture upward
A hematoma can form if the needle punctures both walls,
Created by: tiffany.green89
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