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Suffixes and prefixes to common terms

-meter measure, measuring instrument
-al pertaining to
-scopy process of viewing
-itis inflammation
-logy study or science of
-ous pertaining to
-pathy disease
-scope instrument used for viewing
-ic pertaining to
-plegia paralysis
-oma tumor
-emesis vomiting
-phasia speaking
-oxia condition of oxygen
-physis growth
-malacia softening
-philia loving or affinity for
-spasm sudden, involuntary muscle contraction
-algia condition of pain
-rrhexis rupture
-ism condition or disease
-sclerosis condition of hardening
-plasia formation, or growth
-rrhagia abnormal discharge
-phobia fear
meta- after or change
a- without or absence of
contra- counter or against
con- with, together, or jointly
anti- against or opposite
di- double
ambi- both
quad- four
hemi- half
bi- two
primi- first
tri- three
pan- all
semi- half or partial
uni- one
multi- many, more than once, or numerous
poly- excessive, over, or many
mono- one
nulli- null or none
ab- away from
dia- through
ad- toward
endo- within
ante- before
extra- outside
ep-, epi- upon, over, above, or on top
ana- up or toward
infer- under, beneath, below
ec-, ecto- outside or out
para- alongside or abnormal
dis- apart or away
peri- around
ex-, exo- outside or away from
inter- between
eso- inward
sub- below
post- to follow after
pre- to come before
super-, supra- above
sym-, syn- together or joined
a-, an- without or absence of
hypo- deficient, abnormally low, below
neo- new
tachy- rapid, fast
dys- bad, abnormal, painful, or difficult
macro- large
hyper- excessive, abnormally high, above
circum- around
brady- slow
micro- small
eu- normal or good
mal- bad
pseudo- false
heter-, hetero- different
trans- through, across, or beyond
mega-, megalo- large or great
nonconstructed terms must be committed to memory
constructed terms made up of word parts
eponym term derived from a person's name
prefix a word part that is affixed to the beginning of a word
word root a word part that provides the primary meaning of the term
-ectomy a suffix, to remove
o the most common combining vowel
constructed term a term built from word parts
rhin/o nose
mamm/o breast
nat/o birth
path/o disease
mast/e breast
hyster/o uterus
dermat/o skin
ment mind
neur/o nerve
hem/o blood
cardi/o heart
gastr/o stomach
encephal/o brain
cerebr/o cerebrum
hepat/o liver
append/o appendix
oste/o bone
lip/o tissue
thorac/o chest
cephal head
aden gland
arthr joint
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