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Orange Mod MA 311 Fi

When a patient has symptoms that may indicate more than one condition, the physician must first... Make a differential diagnosis
In which of the following examination positions does the patient sit at the edge of the examining table without back support Sitting position
A patient is supine (laying on back) on a tilted table with the head lower than the legs. The patient is in what position? Trendelenburg's position
When laying down on the bed flat, the doctor is listening for sounds with a stethoscope. This is called... Auscultation
When performing a physical exam, if the doctor is touching this is called... Palpation
When performing a physical exam, if the doctor is tapping this is called... Percussion
When performing a physical exam, if the doctor is looking in the ear this is called... Inspection
When the doctor is using a stethoscope he is performing.... Auscultation
Which examination method do we refer to in the process of measuring something Mensuration
Which examination method do physician's use to determine the range of motion of a joint? Manipulation
Enlarged lymph nodes may be signs of Infection or blood cancer
A waxy secretion from the ear is called Cerumen
The most common cancer in women is Breast cancer
The chart used for eye exams Snellen
Which technique will help a patient who is hyperventilating? Breathing into a paper bag
When doing an eye exam how far does the patient need to be from the chart? 20 feet
When the doctor is examining the ears, what instrument do you hand him? Otoscope
Which of the following is a test for color blindness? Ishihara
Many contrasts in x-rays contain... Iodine
If a patient receives iodine, what question should have been asked before applying? Are you allergic to shellfish?
When you are doing a chest X-Ray what question should you ask? Do you have a pacemaker?
What would be considered an invasive diagnostic procedure? Angiography
When performing x-rays of the tendons, ligaments, and joints, what procedure is being performed? Arthrography
When taking an X-Ray for kidney stones, what kind of X-Ray are you performing? Intravenous pyelogram
Which of the following outlines the size, shape, and position of the urinary organ? Kidneys Ureters Bladder
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