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Skeletal cartilages

skeletal cartilages

Skeletal Cartilage made up of some variety of cartilage tissue, which consists primarily of water
cartilage tissue consists mostly of water, accounting for its resilience, that is the ability to spring back to its original shape after being compressed
perichondrium The cartilage which contains no nerves, or blood vessels, is surrounded by a layer of dense irregular connective tissue, the ________
perichondrium "around the cartilage" acts like a girdle to resist outward expansion when the cartilage is compressed. Contains the blood vessels from which nutrients diffuse through the matrix to reach the cartilage cells.
three types of cartilage tissues: Hyaline cartilages, elastic cartilages, fibrocartilages
chondrocytes basic components of cartilage tissues
chondrocytes encased in small cavities (lacunea) within an extracellular matrix containing a jelly like substance and fibers
Hyaline Cartilages look like frosted glass when freshly exposed, provides support within flexability and resilience.
Hyaline Cartilages Most abundant skeletal cartilages
Skeletal Hyaline Cartilages include articular cartilages, costal cartilages, respiratory cartilages, nasal cartilages
articular cartilages covers the ends of most bones and movable joints
costal cartilages connect the ribs to the sternum (breastbone)
respiratory cartilages form the skeleton of the larynx (voicebox) and reinforce other respiratory passages
nasal cartilages support the external nose
Elastic Cartilages looks very much like hyaline cartilages, but they contain more stretchy elastic fibers and are better to stand up to handle repeated bending.
Elastic Cartilages type of cartilage in the external ear and the epiglottis (the flap that bends to open the larynx each time we swallow
Fibrocartilage highly compressable and have great tensile strength
Fibrocartilage The perfect intermediate between hyaline and elastic cartilages, ________ consist of rughly parrallel rows of condrocytes aternating with thick collagen fibers.
Fibrocartilage occur in that are subjected to both heavy pressure and stretch, such as pad like cartilages (menisci) of the knee and the discs between the vertibrae
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