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Orange Mod 111 MA Re

A ____ is the rule of conduct established and enforced by an authority or government body Law
Which of the following is demonstrated when a patient's leg healed incorrectly because of the way the cast had been applied? Direct cause
At the end of a labor and delivery Nurse shift, the nurse left. What is the called? Abandonment
An unlawful act of misconduct is referred to as? Malfeasance
The term "res ipsa loquitur" refers to cases in which...
The doctor's mistake is completely obvious
A legal document addressed to the family and the physician stating what type of treatment the patient wishes or does not wish when they are terminally ill is called... Living will
What type of service can a doctor bill for? Office visit
The promise for a miracle cure is an example of what? Fraud
Another name for terminating care of a patient Withdrawing from the case
A civil wrong committed against a person or property that causes physical injury Tort law
___ is considered a standard of behavior, a concept of right and wrong of legal consideration Ethics
A process in which the opposing side chooses a person outside the court system with special knowledge of the field to hear it decide Arbitration
Malpractice lawsuit is part of a... Civil Law
An employee who is considered to be working on the doctor's behalf Respondent superior
A physician reports a case to the state, this is called public duty
A written court order Subpoena
A physician who is said to have been ___ if a patient shows that the physician failed to comply with the standards of profession Derelict
The appropriate way for a physician to terminate the care of a patient is to send a Certified letter
A healthcare professional who leaves a patient without a replacement could be found guilty of Abandonment
A surgical incision is reopened after a patient starts showing signs of internal bleeding. It is discovered that the surgeon did not complete closure of the capillaries at the exposure site. This is an example of... Malpractice
The appropriate way for a patient to donate organs upon death is to complete a uniform donor card
Speaking in such a way as to negatively influence others against an individual is.. Defamation of character
A document that calls someone to make medical decisions for a patient in the instance that the patient is not able to answer for him or herself Durable power of attorney
The federal law to protect healthcare workers is OSHA
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