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Blood and Lymphatic

Combining Forms- Blood and Lymphatic Systems

aden (o) gland
agglutin (o) clumping
angi (o) vessel
anis (o) unequal
bas (o) base
calc (o) lime, calcium
chromat (o) color
coagul (o) clots, to clot
cyt (o) cell
eosin (o) rose-colored
erythr (o) red
fibrin (o) fibr (o) fibro fiber
fus (o) to pour
globul (o) globe
glyc (o) sweet, sugar
granul (o) little grain, granular
hemat (o) hem (o) blood
immun (o) immunity
leuk (o) white
lipid (o) fat
macr (o) large
neut (o) neither
plasm (o) plasma
reticul (o) net
septic (o) putrefying
ser (o) wrinkle
sider (o) iron
spleen (o) spleen
thromb (o) clot
thym (o) thymus
tonsill (o) tonsil
vascul (o) small vessel
all (o) other
Created by: Luna382