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2r151 CDC

Volume 1 stq

To whom does the responsibility for aircraft and their upkeep belong? Everyone.
What Air Force Policy Directive establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for the maintenance of air and space equipment to meet operational needs, including mobilization and surge requirements? AFPD 21–1, Air and Space Maintenance.
Unit-level maintenance organizations are standardized throughout each MAJCOM based upon what three factors? Size, similar wartime mission, and assigned weapons systems.
Who will approve RFAs after they are coordinated with PS&D, QA, and all applicable organizations? MXG/CC.
Who is responsible for chairing the daily maintenance production/scheduling meeting? Maintenance Group deputy commander.
On what issues will the MXG superintendent advise and assist the MXG/CC? Personnel, morale, and welfare issues.
Who will serve as the focal point for maintenance issues and enlisted manning? MXG chief.
What is the sole purpose of QA personnel? To serve as the primary technical advisory agency in the maintenance organization, assisting maintenance supervision at all levels to resolve quality issues.
QA is directly responsible to whom? MXG/CC.
What is the Air Force Technical Order System used to ensure? Effective operation and maintenance of Air Force systems and end items.
Who will determine TCTO applicability? TODO.
What does the date stamp on a TCTO signify? QA has reviewed the TCTO and it is applicable.
What does the QA central TO file contain? Copies of general and procedural TOs and copies of all TCTOs pertaining to the equipment owned, operated, or maintained by the MXG/CC.
What TO serves to guide and provide general management procedures for the Air Force Technical Order System? TO 00–5–1, Air Force Technical Order System.
What is the purpose of deficiency reporting? Identify and correct deficiencies before they impact mission capability.
What form is used to propose a recommended change to a TO? AFTO IMT 22.
What is the purpose of a FCF? To determine if an aircraft is airworthy and/or capable of accomplishing its mission.
Who is the single point of contact for impounded aircraft or equipment and is responsible for controlling and monitoring the investigation? Impoundment official.
Who is responsible for initiating and drafting a TO 00–25–107 request? The work center that discovered the discrepancy.
The functions within AMXS perform on-equipment maintenance within what capabilities? Assigned personnel, equipment, and facilities.
Who is responsible to the operations officer/maintenance superintendent for sortie generation, management, supervision, and training of assigned personnel? AMU OIC/SUPT.
Which section under the AMU will service, inspect, maintain, launch, and recover aircraft? Aircraft.
What section under the AMU is responsible for loading and maintaining weapons systems? Weapons.
What section under the AMU is responsible to support flight line maintenance and generation activities by maintaining and issuing support equipment? Support.
What section under the AMU is responsible for requisitioning parts, using supply management products, and initiating follow-up actions when necessary? Supply Support.
What flight under the Maintenance Squadron is responsible for performing on- and off-equipment maintenance on multiple aircraft systems and environmental systems to include aircraft egress systems, components, and trainers? Accessories.
What flight under the Maintenance Squadron has the overall responsibility for pickup, delivery, troubleshooting, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, modification, inspection, and service of powered and non-powered aerospace ground equipment? AGE.
What flight under the Maintenance Squadron has sections assigned according to the weapons systems supported and primarily performs off-equipment maintenance but is not limited to on-equipment maintenance? Avionics.
What flight under the Maintenance Squadron is responsible for structural maintenance, metals technology, survival equipment, and NDI? Fabrication.
What flight under the Maintenance Squadron is responsible to remove, replace, and rig flight control surfaces/systems on primary assigned aircraft and performs aircraft (phase, periodic, isochronal) inspections? Maintenance.
Maintenance Operations is comprised of what seven sections? 1. MOC. 2. EM. 3. MSL. 4. PS&D. 5. MMA. 6. Maintenance Training. 7. Programs and Resources.
Who oversees the entire maintenance scheduling effort throughout the wing and notifies applicable senior managers of scheduling process discrepancies and recommended courses of action? PS&D.
Who is the wing 2R1XX functional manager? PS&D section NCOIC.
What does the MMA section do to help senior leadership access the health of the units’ weapons systems and equipment? Tracks, analyzes, and presents information.
Which MMA function calculates maintenance metrics and compares unit performance against published lead command standards? Production Analysis.
What will the MOC do prior to reporting an aircraft status? Verify the status in the MIS.
What is the basis of the maintenance concept? The selection of a support system that promotes the highest possible weapons system and equipment availability and assures its sustainability at low life-cycle expense.
What has driven maintenance concepts of the past? Low mean time between removal rates, high CND rates, and expensive LRUs.
Created by: t_gilliland98
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