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What are the major filing systems used in the health care setting? Alphabetic; Numeric; Geographic; Subject; Chronologic
Stamping checks with the restrictive endorsement "for deposit only" is to prevent what? Loss or Theft
When mailing patient records to an insurance carrier what mailing service should the medical office asst. send them through? Express Mail
Checking for and repairing damaged documents is part of what step in the filing process? Conditioning
The purpose of records management includes which of the following?
What type of appointment scheduling would be the best method for an office with standard hours, multiple practitioners, and accommodating work-in appointments? Open Hours
Post office returns a patient's bill to the clinic with the notation "address unknown", Which of the following steps are appropriate in handling this situation? Calling patient and checking if information is up to date.
Patients calls office very upset because her child is vomiting and has a temperature of 103.3 degree f. the medical assistant should? ask doctor what the best step should be; schedule the child in with the next available appointment.
Medical Office Assistant is scheduling new patients for an office with 3 physicians and 2 nurse practioners. office policy is for patients to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to their appointment to complete patient history forms. Clustering
A file system that organizes items chronologically for action when date arrives is called a(n) tickler file
what is the most appropriate action when there are delays in the physicians schedule Give patients an estimate of delay and options to deal with delay
What types of statements reflect open-ended communication? "Any Previous medications? If so when?"
When a medical office assistant is speaking with a patient, making direct eye contact encourages what? Active listening
Communication is best defined as a Act of communication; info given; means of giving info
anything that interferes with the communication process is best described as Noise
Objective of therapeutic communication includes use of empathy, impartial behavior, and understanding of emotional behavior
all of the following are considered facilitative communication techniques attempt to assistant people with severe educational or communication disability; there is usually a device that helps the patient feel or read to be able to communicate
What create communication barriers? Pain; Hunger (internal distractions) Unfamiliar Terminology (reference points) Physical Disabilities; Phsycological attitudes and prejudice; culture diversity
Reasons patients may be reluctant to ask that instructions be repeated include unfamiliar terminology; barriers
If an upset patient express frustration concerning a long wait, the medical assistant should say " I am sorry ms/sir we are trying to get you in as soon as possible"
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