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What is NIMS? Grassroots initiative focused on building mutual trust and cohesion at the squad and team level
What is NIMS not? bumper sticker, chain-teach, top down effort, soley about SHARP, "month" or "year of" event, responsibility of one single cohort of level of leadership, fixing the "problem", annual training requirement
How does NIMS reinforce the principles of Mission Command? Use of Mission Orders, Exercising disciplined initiative, Building cohesive teams through mutual trust
What is the right way to accomplish the mission? Ethically, Effectively, Efficiently
What are the 3 main topics of a NIMS workshop? Identity, Climate, Culture
Who should attend NIMS training? All squad leaders, Training NCOs and Small Group Leaders (E5-E7)
What is the squad leader's role in building unit climate? (Identity) Develop individual Identity, Develop a group identity as a Squad based on respect, dignity, inclusion, and trust
How do squad leaders build and maintain positive unit climates? Communicating Expectations, Counseling soldiers (pos/neg), Manage Stress (indiv/group level), Wok with new soldiers, Draw from own knowledge, skills, abilities
How do we embed and reinforce ideas to build an Army-wide culture of dignity, respect, inclusion and trust? (Culture) Ensuring soldiers follow customs, courtesies, and traditions; Ensuring that soldier subcultures are aligned with the Army ethic
What is the essential element of NIMS? trust (trust in their leaders and trust in one another)
What office handles the NIMS initiative? CAPE
What does CAPE stand for? Center for the Army Profession and Ethic
What is the mission of CAPE? CAPE, the proponent for the Army Profession, the Army Ethic, the Character Development, strengthens America's Army as a military profession that inspires trusted Army professionals to honorably fulfill their oaths of service.
What chain of command is CAPE under? TRADOC
What are the 6 areas the 24 Question Assessment targets? 1) Developing mutual trust in cohesive teams 2) Shared Identity (Army professionals) 3) Who we are, why and how we fight (live Army ethic) 4) Standards and discipline (committed professionals) 5) Climate (steward) 6) my soldiers
What is the In My Squad Virtual Simulator? puts soldiers in realistic situations that will challenge their critical thinking and decision-making skills. Goal is to help soldiers develop character, competence, and commitment as dedicated members of the Army profession.
The NIMS initiative empowers squad leaders to build mutual trust and cohesion from the bottom up by doing what 4 things? Leading, Training, Enforcing standards, Modeling the Army ethic for their squad
What can leaders do to promote NIMS? Block time for squad leaders to conduct meaningful training; Listen and empower; Follow up with Squad leaders to make sure they have support they need
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