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Practice Exam

Practice Exam for PAE

The distal and proximal ends of long bones are called Epiphyses
The gland located on the front and sides of the trachea below the larynx is the Thyroid
The beats per minute for the resting heart rate of an adult is 60-80bpm
Graft material used to cover the stapes during a radical mastoidectomy is the Temporalis fascia
The rate at which work is done is called Power
Which term refers to severe hypertension in the pregnant female Eclampsia
Which of the following suture would be the best choice for repair of a liver laceration 2-0 chromic
The surgical instrument used to enlarge the maxillary sinus opening during a Caldwell-Luc procedure is a/an Kerrison rongeur
The speed of computer processors is measured in Gigahertz
The type of electrical current that moves in one-way, single direction is Direct current
Which instrument is used to hold the mouth open during a tonsillectomy Jennings
What joint is formed by the articulation of the mandible with the glenoid fossa of the temporal bone Temporomandibular joint
The term for male breast enlargement is Gynecomastia
A muscle commonly used for flap reconstruction in reconstruction mammoplasty is the Transverse rectus
Cranial nerve II is the Optic nerve
Which muscle is the tunica albuginea sutured to during an orchiopexy Dartos
Which item is used to retract the spermatic cord during an open herniorrhaphy Penrose drain
The energy that an object has due to its position or condition is called Potential energy
Which of the following can be used to point and click to input commands in the computer Mouse
The surgical instrument used to dissect prostate tissue during a TURP is a/an Resectoscope
During peripheral vascular procedures papaverine is administered to Dilate peripheral blood vessels
Which item is implanted to prevent the cement from leaking into the medullary canal during a total hip arthroplasty Cement restrictor
The term used to describe the flow of electrical energy is Current
The force that causes an object to fall due to gravity is called Weight
Atelectasis refers to a/an Collapsed lung
Which surgical instrument is used to remove plaque from the carotid artery Penfield dissector
Which self-retaining retractor is used to hold brain spoons in place during a craniotomy Leyla-Yasargil
The small intestine begins at the Pylorus
The artery that supplies blood to the thyroid gland is the External carotid
The artery that supplies blood to the breast is the Internal mammary
The middle tunic of the eye includes the Choroid
The only bone of the body that does not articulate with another bone is the Hyoid
The heel bone of the foot is called the Calcaneus
True ribs articulate anteriorly with the Sternum
Which type of joint permits movement in only one plane Hinge
In the presence of infection the absorption rate of surgical gut is Increased
The needle point used to suture the liver is Blunt
Which type of surgery often requires the use of packing Rectal
The body's first line of defense against the invasion of pathogens is Unbroken skin
Which microscope is used to view viruses Electron
Agar is a Growth media for microorganisms
Which is a prokaryote Bacteria
Which is a eukaryote Fungi
The division of a cell into two separate cells is called Binary fission
The study of form and structure of bacteria is called Morphology
Bacteria cells that are spherically-shaped are called Cocci
The gram stain differentiates between Bacteria
All viruses are Pathogenic
Heparin is administered to Prevent formation of new blood clots
A radiopaque contrast media used in surgery is Hypaque meglumine
Childbirth labor may be induces by Oxytocin(Pitocin®)
Which is an inhalation agent Halothane(Fluothane®)
The phase of general anesthesia after cessation of the anesthetic agent is called Emergence
Epinephrine causes Vasoconstriction
A dissociative drug that produces a short-term, trance-like state is Ketamine hydrochloride(Ketalar®)
Which of the following is a laboratory test that is used to estimate the percentage of each type of leukocytes within a blood sample Differential
Which type of hernias occurs within Hesselbach's Triangle Direct
A carpal tunnel release relieves the compression of which nerve Median
The suffix -rrhea means Flow, discharge
The suffix-trophy means Development, nourishment
The suffix -pexy means Fixation, to put in place
Surgical puncture of a joint space with a needle for synovial fluid drainage is a/an Arthocentesis
Which body structures is involved when applying criocoid pressure Trachea
Which structure of the brain signals the body to increase heat production Hypothalamos
Which potion of the surgical gown is considered sterile Waist to mid-chest; 2inches above the elbow
What is the number of nonsterile team members needed to assist in transferring an immobile patient Four
The term dyspnea means Shortness of breath
Syncope is a sudden loss of Consciousness
The purpose of a myelography is to Evaluate the spine
Ultrasonography should NOT be used to examine the Lungs
The colon is responsible for the absorption of water and Electrolytes
Which organ has the largest mass of lymphatic tissue Spleen
The surgical removal of the stomach is a/an Gastrectomy
Which muscle rotates the eye upward and away from the midline Inferior oblique
Which instrument is used to freeze the sclera over the area of detachment Cryo
Which is an instrument used for viewing the external auditory canal Otoscope
What type of anesthesia is contraindicated during reconstructive ear surgery Nitrous oxide
What bacterial agent is commonly responsible for epiglottitis Haemophilus influenzae
What three bones fuse together to create the pelvis Ilium, ischium, pubis
The purpose of bone wax is to Aid in hemostasis
Which joint is fused during a triple arthrodesis Calcaneocuboid
To retract the brachialis muscle during an open reduction-internal fixation of the humerus the elbow is Flexed
The upper chambers of the heart are called the Atria
An electrocardiogram is a/an Electrical recording of heart activity
The inner lining of the heart is called the Endocardium
Which position is used for an upper lobectomy Modified lateral
Which brain structure is located between the midbrain and the cerebrum Diencephalon
Materials that inhibit the flow of electrons are called Insulators
Current is measured in Amperes
What is a property of matter that resists change in motion Inertia
The active and inactive electrode of bipolar electrosurgery is the Forceps
Which is the most common type of motion Simple harmonic
What is the term for the gain or loss of electrons Ionization
The portion of the curve above the straight line in a diagram of a sound wave represents the Amplitude
What kind of energy do lasers emit Light energy
Which type of laser has the most powerful output Solid state
Which term refers to a robots ability to differentiate between two objects Resolution
A robotic arm with Cartesian geometry refers to what kind of movement X, Y, and Z axes
Where should the robotic arm be positioned on the OR table for a laparoscopic chelecystectomy Patient's right side; mid thigh
Which of the following anatomical landmarks is used to line up the endoscope for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy using a robotic arm Umbilicus
Created by: bright1lilli