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PTA Unit 1-2

Physical Therapy Profession in the Changing World

What is Physical Therapy? Physical Therapy is a dynamic profession with an established theoretical base and widespread clinical applications in the preservation, development, and restoration of optimal function.
What are various aspects of the The Model Practice Act? 1. Examination 2. Treatment 3. Health Promotion and Wellness 4. Administration, Education, and Research
What are some different practice settings of physical therapy? IP, OP, SNF, Ortho, Neuro, Pulmo, Acute, Peds
What disease prompted the need for rehabilitation specialists? Polio
In which year was the APTA formed? What was the APA and when was it formed? Late 1940's (American Physical Therapy Association) Late 1930s (American Physiotherapy Association)
What is the role of the FSBPT? To protect the public by providing service and leadership that promote safe and competent physical therapy practice. Licensing and Board Exam organization
What happened in 1992 that improved the representation of PTAs in the APTA? 1992 - PTAS hold office
What is the name of the long term vision of the APTA? Vision 2020 and Beyond
What is the role of the PTA? Certified/Licensed to assist the PT in selected components of the physical therapy treatment intervention.
Job duties of PTAs Intervention implementation Training pts. in excercises and ADLs Data collection/documentation Reporting to PT on patient responses Discharge planning Equipement & supply prep/maintenance Attend patient conferences
What are the core values of the APTA? Accountability, Altruism, Compassion/Caring, Excellence, Integrity, Professional Duty, Social Responsibility
Created by: irsangal
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