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Army Bands

What AR governs Army Bands? AR 220-90
What is the Doctrinal Publication for Army Music? ATP 1-19
What are the four Special Bands in the Army? TUSAB, TUSAFB, USMAB, TOGFDC
What is an MPU and an MPT? Music Performances Unit, Music Performance Team
What is the FDC mission? TOGFDC is assigned to and supports USAMDW and provides support to DOD, the white house, and other civic/governmental activities in the NCR. ; TOGFDC also rep. the Army to Nation at Nt'l and Intn'l events as directed by DOD and HQDA.
Can a Drum Major withdraw the unit's participation if a violation is evident? Yes. No Army band will perform under conditions that would discredit or embarrass the US or the Army. All means to resolve must be exhausted before withdrawing.
If a band member performs at an official function outside of normal duty hours, should that individual be compensated? How? Yes. Active Army band members performing at official events during normal off duty hours will be compensated with time off during regular duty hours when permitted by mission requirements.
If a foreign anthem is played during a ceremony, when would the "Star Spangled Banner" be programmed? last
If multiple national anthems are to be performed, in what order would they be performed? alphabetical order of the nations' names spelled in English; adaptations may be made for local practice when on foreign soil
What honors, if any, are rendered during a foreign national anthem? Accord them the same honors and courtesies as the US national anthem
What are the names of the 5 services' songs and the order in which they are played? Played in order of service age with oldest first.; "The Army Goes Rolling Along", "The Marine's Hymn", "Anchors Aweigh", "Official US Air Force Song", "Semper Paratus"
Can a regular band produce a recording for commercial sale? No. Per Title 10, US Code, Section 349, only special bands are authorized to produce recordings for commercial sale.
Give 5 examples of rooms that must be contained in Army Band facilities. Main reh. rm, separate large group rehearsal rm, and 2 additional rehearsal rms; Recording booth next to main reh rm; 9-12 practice rms; music lib; supply/storage rm; instr/uniform/equipment storage rm; inst. repair rm; locker room; outdoor training area
What is the mission of Army music? To provide music supporting unified land operations and instill in our forces the will to fight and win, foster support of our citizens, and promoted America's interests at home and abroad.
Give 3 examples of Army Music executable support capabilities. Memorial services, Memorial ceremonies, Dignified transfer ceremonies, deployment/redeployment ceremonies, commander's outreach events, transfer of authority ceremonies, change of command and change of responsibility ceremonies, public diplomacy initiativ
Describe the changing role of the Army Band in the 20th century. smaller groups emphasized (MPT), solo singing, more dependent on sound reinforcement
Is an Army Band permitted to perform at a religious service? Army Bands must support the installation or activity commander's religious programs. Band will not be committed to activities that selectively benefit any one specific religious group or organization.
Is an Army Band permitted to perform at a major commercial sporting event? Yes (1)little probability that bands presence will increase audience size (2)event would occur anyways w/o band (3)patriotic in nature (4) does not selectively benefit commercial activity of sponsor (5)enhance positive image of Army
Give four examples of events in which Army Bands may participate. (1)Official Military functions (2)official civil ceremonies/functions (3)civ. spons. public events (parades, concerts that stimulate interest in armed forces) (4)civ spons social, civic, cultural events with patriotic music(5)events to support recruiting
Give two examples of events in which Army Bands may not participate. (1)Bg, dinner, or dance music at events not spons. by govt or mil. (2)polt. mtgs, ceremonies, events (3)band is expected to provide back up support for other entertainers (4)events with admissions/fees (5)selectively benefit person, group, corporation
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