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FDC History

Why was TOG FDC originally created? Which order created the corps? It was determined companies would have greater success if acc. by field music during training and ceremonial rehearsal periods; General Order 18
Who were the corps' first 3 instructors? SP5 Robert Sheppard (fife); SP4 Roland Lauziere (bugle); SP5 George Carrol (drum)
What is the FDC birthday? 23 February 1960
Who was the first FDC officer in charge? 1LT Henry G Watson
After many attempts to disband the Corps, what was the justification behind keeping it in existence? Who made the decision to keep it? Regiment could have its own field music group "with the understanding that the individuals concerned must maintain proficiency in their primary MOS"; Sec. of Army Wilbur M. Brucker
What happened on 23 June 1960? FDC played "Happy Birthday" on Sec. of the Army Wilbur M. Brucker's lawn
Whose Inauguration parade was the first for the corps? President John F. Kennedy
What were some memorable performances for the early members of FDC? Deep River Muster; Colonial Williamsburg; National Press Club; Today Show; Mitch Miller Show; Ed Sullivan Show; One month tour of Europe
Who was the Corps' first Bandmaster? CW3 Walter Kinney
When and how did the Corps begin to grow? What major event contributed? In the 1970s, corps doubled in size when began recruiting members from civilian life.; Bicentennial of the US
When did the Corps receive its first SGM? Who was it? SGM Andrew Alvarez; 1979
When was the base rank of SSG approved? 1980
When did the first woman join the Old Guard? What was her name and position? 1982; Sandy Hollowell; fifer
What big milestone occurred in 1995? FDC became its own separate company ofTOG
Name all 5 FDC Commanders. 1995 CW4 Stephen Campbell; 1996-2004 CW3 Jeanne Pace (promoted CW4 in 2000, CW5 in 2004); 2004-2010 CW3 Gregory Balvanz; 2010-2013 CW4 Frederick Ellwein; 2013-present CW2 Joseph Newby (promoted 2015 CW3)
What were the roles that members of the FDC played in 2001 during the terrorist attacks? Liaison Officers at MDW Emergency Operations Center; additional sec. on Ft. Myer and certain access points on post; helped est. command and control system at Pentagon crash site; vol. in work force to removed remains of those killed in attack (Pentagon)
When was FDC awarded a Superior Unit Award? What was it for? 26 Jan 2005 - 30 July 2009 for "outstanding meritorious service in support of US Army public relations and outreach initiatives".(1)musical supp for Army&Joint Military ceremonies(2)bolster rela. btwn Army & civ. comm.(3)preserving nation musical heritage
What month were the historical trumpets created? November 2011
What happened on 2 March 2017? MSG Sandra Quaschnick promoted to FDC's first 1SG
When were the historical ensembles founded? Flutes 2013; Trumpets 2011
What are some capabilities of the Historical Ensembles? signals and flourishes; atmosphere and entrance music; educational presentations; recitals and concerts where one or both groups can be featured
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