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TOG History

What is the Old Guard's Mission? Conduct memorial affairs to honor fallen comrades, and ceremonies and special events to represent the Army, communicating its story to the Nation's citizens and world; on order, conducts defense support of civil authorities in the National Capital Region
How was the Regiment originally formed? After Continental Army was disbanded, new Army formed June 3, 1784 of 700 soldiers/NCOs; created to protect from Spanish (South), Indians (West), British provocations
How many names did the Regiment fight under during 1789-1796? What were they? 3; First American Regiment, Infantry of the First Sub-Legion of the Legion of the United States, First Infantry Regiment
Why is the unit known as the "3rd Infantry Regiment"? After War of 1812, Army consolidated. Each regiment assigned numerical designation based on the ranking of its commanding officer in the seniority system. The First Regiment had the third-highest ranking colonel.
What is the significance of the buff strap? Simulates old buff and black knapsack strap. Under General Anthony Wayne, special markings on uniform were buff piping and black plumes. Men were proud and wove buff color rawhide through black shoulder knapsack strap. 1840s buff sticks to polish brass
What is the significance of the 21st of September? 3d Infantry first wave of attack on Monterrey in Mexican American Wary. Situation with no cover in the city with heavy fire; held ground through the night until out of ammo on 22nd. Anniversary is Regiment Organization Day.
What is the importance of the battles of Cerro Gordo, Cantreras, and Churubusco? What resulted from these battles? Fought on way to Mexico city; Gen. Scott personally praised the 3d Infantry bayonet charges; 3d Inf. marched at head of pass-in-review and Scott said to staff, "Gentlemen, take off your hats to the Old Guard of the Army"; nickname and bayonets fixed
Explain the Chapultepec baton. General Smith presented to 3d Inf.; Commemorates TOG role in capture of Mexico City. Celebrates band member who participated in assault armed only with drum major baton. Made from original flagstaff in Grand Plaza; in TOG crest
Following the 3d Infantry's performance during the First Battle of Manassas, what did General McDowell tell President Lincoln and what was Lincoln's response? Mr. President, there are the men who saved your Army at Bull Run.; I have heard of them.
What was the 3d Infantry Regiment's role during the First Battle of Manassas? (21 June 1861) formed part of rear guard which halted Confederate advance; covered withdraw, allowing time for bridge to clear and prevented defeat from turning into a route
What was the 3d Infantry Regiment's role during Gettysburg and the Grand Review after Appomattox Courthouse? 3d Infantry was one of last units to leave the battlefield; During Grand Review in D.C. TOG was part of first unit that led column of soldiers
Give two locations where the 3d Infantry Regiment served between 1865 to 1945. 1874 enforce Civil Rights Legislation in South; Quell rebel insurgents in Philippines in Spanish American War; 1941 Newfoundland (1st American unit shipped out in anticipation of US entrance to WWI)
What happened 20 November 1946? After 162 years of service, 3d Infantry was deactivated and returned to the US from Berlin Germany.
What happened 6 April 1948? Reactivation to serve as Honor Guard of the Army. 1st BN at Ft. Myer; 2nd BN at Ft. McNair; 3rd BN inactive
When was the Old Guard named the Honor Guard of the President? 10 April 1952 by President Truman
What are some of the Old Guard's missions as the Honor Guard of the US Army? 24 hour vigil over Tomb of the Unknowns since 1948; every Presidential Inauguration and funeral since President John F. Kennedy; hundreds of ceremonies for the Army each year
For what was the Regiment's first Meritorious Unit Commendation Medal awarded? For period of 1969-1973 for President Richard Nixon's Inauguration and President Lyndon B. Johnson's Funeral
What were the Regiment's first two Superior Unit Awards awarded for? Role of TOG in the internment of the Vietnam Unknown Soldier at the Tomb of the Unknowns; 1993 Presidential Inauguration
What Battalions in the 3d Infantry Regiment served in Vietnam? 2nd and 4th BNs
What was TOG's role in response to the Sept 11 terrorist attacks? first unit to respond to attack site at Pentagon; assist in rescue and recovery operations; provide additional security for Ft. Myer garrison; December 2003 B Co. 1st BN deployed to Horn of Africa to assist in training local Army forces
Explain the TOG crest. Green hill, red fortress at summit, white bg (Mex); bordure from US coat of Arms 13 stripes for orig. colonies; Chief has 3 Maltese crosses (3d Inf. Reg.); Noli Me Tangere on Officer's Belt; Bayonet and Chap. Baton behind crest; cockade hat/wreath
How many companies are in 1st BN? Name them. 5; HHC, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Hotel
When was 4th BN re-activated? 18 December 2008
Where is 2nd BN currently stationed? Fort Lewis, Washington
Which two specialty platoons serve in Headquarters and HQ Company, 4th BN? The Tomb Guards and the US Army Drill Team
Created by: bp0102
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