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Hip Joint - PT620

Notes, facts, questions from outline- Summer 2009

The articular surface of the acetabulum is what shape? horse-shoe shaped
The rim of the acetabulum is defective __(1)__. This is called the __(2)__ ______. 1-anteriorly. 2-acetabular notch.
The acetabular notch is bridged by what ligament? Transverse acetabular ligament.
What part of the femur afticulates with the acetabulum? the head of the femur
The head of the femur is covered in what? (except for central area) hyaline cartilage
More than _____ of the head is contained within the acetabulum. 1/2
The neck of the femur forms a _____ degree angle with the shaft. 125
The hip is the only true __________ joint. ball and socket
The fibrous capsule of the hip is thick. It's reinforced __(1)___ by what? 1-anteriorly by the iliofemoral ligament.
What lines almost the entire inner surface of the fibrous capsule of the hip? synovial membrane.
What is the labrum? Why is it important? fibrocartilage attaches to rim of acetabulum. It deepens the joint.
The labrum continues across the acetabular notch as what? transverse acetabular ligament.
What is the shape of the iliofemoral ligament? "Y" shaped. (upside down)
Of the following ligaments, which is the largest and strongest? (Ischiofemoral, Pubofemoral, Iliofemoral, or Ligamentum Teres) Iliofemoral Ligament
Iliofemoral ligament resists what? hyperextension.
What ligament blends with the medial part of iliofemoral ligament? pubofemoral ligament
The pubofemoral ligament limits what action? abduction
What ligament spirals superior/anteriorly to neck of femur medial to greater trochanter? ischiofemoral lig.
What is the real name for the Ligament of the Head of the Femur? Ligamentum Teres
Where does the ligamentum teres run? from the acetabular fossa to fovea of femur.
Ligamentum teres is surrounded by what? synovial membrane.
What travels IN the Ligamentum Teres and to where? artery...to the head of the femur. (artery is a branch of obturator a.)
What provides the blood circulation to the head and neck of femur? branches of medial and lateral femoral circumflex arteries.
What is the most important blood supply to the head of the femur? brances of medial and lateral femoral circumflex aa.
Artery to the head of the femur is a branch of what artery? Obturator artery
Fractures of the neck of femur will most likely result in insufficient ______(1)______ to the head of the femur. Thus resulting in ____(2)________. 1.blood supply 2.avascular necrosis.
Are the blood supply to neck and head damaged during intertrochanteric fractures? How do they fix them? No. ORIF with telescoping screw.
ORIF Open Reduction Internal Fixation
The hip joint is supplied by branches or what nerveS? femoral obturator, sciatic, and superior gluteal nerve.
Hip pain is sometimes perceived in the _____. Why? knee....
Created by: christajtodd