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Army History (dates)

Army History

What date did the colonists' civil disturbance transform into open warfare and start the American Revolution? April 19, 1775
When was the Continental Army created? June 14, 1775
When was the Declaration of Independence presented? July 4, 1776
The British Surrender at Yorktown, essentially ending the American Revolution, occurred on what day? October 19, 1781
The Louisiana Purchase, essentially doubling the size of the US, occurred in what year? What country sold land to the US? 1803; France
When was the Treaty of Guadalupe signed, ending the Mexican War and giving the US land in present day Texas, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona? February 2, 1848
The Confederates began the Civil War after firing on Ft. Sumter on what date? April 12, 1861
Congress authorized the creation of the Medal of Honor on what date? July 12, 1862
On what date did President Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation? September 22, 1862
On what date was the first Medal of Honor awarded? March 25, 1863
When did the Battle of Gettysburg occur? July 1-3, 1863
General Lee surrendered his Army during what month, marking the end of the Civil War? April 1865
On what date did the US enter WWI? April 6, 1917
Armistice Day, now known as Veteran's Day, ended WWI on what date? November 11, 1918
During what month and year did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor? December 1941
The Women's Army Corps was created in what year? 1943
On what date did Allied armies finally land in France? June 6, 1944
What year marked the start of the Korean War? 1950
How long was the US involvement in Vietnam? 1955-1975; 20 years
In the early part of what year did President Johnson approve Operation Rolling Thunder, a series of airstrikes in North Vietnam? 1965
Operation Desert Storm began on 17 January on what year? 1991
In what month and year did American soldiers and marines deploy to Somalia under Operation Restore Hope? December 1992
In what month did the US respond to the September 11th attacks under Operation Enduring Freedom? October 2001
On what date did Operation Iraqi Freedom begin in Iraq? March 20, 2003
During what month and year was Saddam Hussein captured? December 2003
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