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pharmacy abbr

pharmacy abbreviations

qid 4X a day
q3h every 3 hours
prn as needed
et and
gm gram
pc after meals (post cibum)
gr grain
subcut/ sq/ sc subcutaneously
ml milliliter
mg milligram
mcg microgram
sp frumenti whiskey
sig label
aa of each
po by mouth (per os)
hr hour/s
gt/ gtt drop (gutta)
stat immediately
q @ or every
q2h every 2 hours
caps capsule
syr syrup
iv intravenously
ex elixir
l liter
wbc white blood cells
Na sodium
A&P anterior and posterior
r/r recovery room
d distal
qod every other day
cbc complete blood count
rbc red blood cells
ou both eyes
ca cancer
ox oxygen
qon every other night
rom range of motion
fbs fasting blood sugar
as left ear
npo nothing by mouth
ecg/ ekg electrical cardiogram
tsp teaspoon
lmp last menstral period
CO2 carbon dioxide
qam every morning
os left eye
ces culture and sensitivity
Hx history
au both ears
ad right ear
b/p blood pressure
ra radium
cc chief complaint
nb newborn
vs vital signs
aq water
dr dram
pt prothrombin time
K potassium
dob date of birth
ht hypodermic tablet
tab tablet
im intramuscularly
bid 2X a day (bis in die)
tid 3x a day
s without
Rx take
qhs before bed
qs quanity sufficient
ac before meals (ante cibum)
ad lib as much as desired (ad libitum)
wbc white blood cells
vf visual field
ou both eyes
as left ear (auris sinistra)
rbc red blood cells
ad right ear (auris dextra)
os left eye
od right eye (occulus dextra)
uti urinary tract infection
ent ears, nose and throat
mdi metered dose inhaler
ua urinalysis
npo nothing by mouth
tb tuberculosis
csf cerebrospinal fluid
ac before meals
cxr chest xray
ibs irritable bowel disease
pc after meals
K, K+ potassium
tm tempanic membrane
au both ears
subQ subcutaneous
I&D incision and drainage
tsh thyroid stimulating hormone
bx biopsy
fsh follical stimulating hormone
Created by: gheechie grrl
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