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Skeletal System

Costal Pertaining to the ribs
Chondromalacia Softening of the cartilage.
Arthritis Inflammation of a joint.
Exostosis A benign growth on the surface of a bone
Osteoalgia Pain in a bone
Osteonecrosis Destruction and death of bone tissue
Fracture FX Broken bone
Arthroplasty Surgical repair of a joint.
Diskectomy Surgical removal of an intervertebral disk
Craniectomy Surgical removal of a part of the skull
Osteorrhaphy Suturing or wiring together of bones.
Spondylosis Any degenerative disease of the vertebrae
Osteitis Inflammation of the bone
Osteochondroma Benign tumor that grows on the surface of a bone that protrude as a hard limb covered with cartilage.
Polyarthritis Inflammation of more than one joint.
Osteotomy Surgical cut into a bone
Osteoclasis Surgical fracture of a bone to correct deformity
Osteomyelitis Inflammation of a bone and bone marrow
Osteopenia Thinner than average bone density.
Osteoporosis A marked loss of bone density and increase of bone porosity
Osteosclerosis abnormal hardening of the bone
Arthectomy Surgical removal of a joint.
Arthrocentesis Puncture of the joint to remove fluid
Arthrosclerosis Stiffness of the joints.
Arthoscopy Visual exam of the joint.
Arthrotomy Incision of a joint.
Chondroplasty Surgical repair of the cartilage
Chondroma Slow growing benign tumor originating from the cartilage.
Osteopathy Any degenerative disease of the bone.
Cranioplasty Surgical repair of the skull.
Arthrodesis Surgical fusion (joining together) of two bones to stiffen a joint.
Spinal Fusion A technique to immobilize part of the spine by joining together two or more vertebrae.
Crepitation The grating sound heard when the ends of a broken bone move together
Dislocation Total displacement of a bone from its joint.
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