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bird they live in nests, they can fly
chicken a domesticated bird developed in a number of breeds for its flesh, eggs, and feathers
duck a small, short-necked, web-footed swimming bird
frog they can live inside and outside the water
hamster domestic rat
turtle reptiles with the trunk inside a shell
fox like a dog with a pointed nose and face and a long tail
goat like a sheep with horns, usually found in mountainous regions
squirrel a small animal that lives in trees and eats nuts
kangaroo they can jump very high, they live in Australia
hippo short form of hippopotamus
rhino mammal with a big horn in their head
seal a fish-eating mammal with flippers, that lives in or near the sea
whale a very large mammal that lives in the sea with two bid teeth
walrus a large fat mammal of arctic seas
octopus they have 8 legs and live in the ocean
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