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Medical Term Review Mrs. Todd

splen/o Spleen
hyster/o Uterus
enter/o Intestines
neur/o Nerve
ot/o Ear
dermat/o Skin
hydr/o Water
-plasty Surgical Repair
-otomy Incision
-ectomy Excision, removal
a- Without, not
hyper- Excessive, above normal
cardi/o Heart
brady- Slow
homo- Same, like
gastr/o Stomach
-logy Study of
crani/o Cranium
fasci/o Band, fascia
-genesis Forming, producing, origin
infra- Under, below
morph/o Form, Shape, Structure
peri- Around
erythr/o Red
melan/o Black
poli/o Gray; gray matter
trans- Through, across
ankyl/o Stiffness, bent, crooked
chondr/o Cartilage
-asthenia Weakness, debility
brachi/o Arm
leiomy/o Smooth Muscle
-blast Embryonic cell
arthr/o Joint
kyph/o humpback
supra- Above, excessive, superior
syn- Union, together, joined
-desis Binding, fixation (of a bone or joint)
-malacia Softening
oste/o Bone
myel/o Bone Marrow, spinal cord
-scopy Visual examination
cost/o Ribs
pod/o Foot
ichthy/o Dry, scaly
squam/o Scale
xen/o Foreign, strange
dia- Through, across
cutane/o Skin
steat/o Fat
-cyte Cell
adip/o Fat
sub- Under, below
onych/o Nail
-algesia or -algia Pain
gli/o Glue, neurological tissue
-kinesia Movement
narc/o Stupor, numbness, sleep
-plegia Paralysis
-taxia Order, coordination
para- Near, beside, beyond
thec/o Sheath
-crine Secrete
exo- Outside, outward
-uria Urine
hypo- Under, below, deficient
poly- Many, much
calc/o Calcium
-dipsia Thirst
kal/i Potassium
Excision of breast Mastectomy
Inflammation of a joint Arthritis
Different sexes Heterosexual
Paralysis of all four limbs Quadriplegia
Incision to remove a stone or calculus Lithotomy
Excision of a core sample of tissue for examination Punch biopsy
Incision made to allow the free flow of fluids from a wound or cavity Incision and drainage
Visual examination of a cavity or canal using a specialized lighted instrument Endoscopy
Removal of foreign material and dead or damaged tissue, especially in a wound debridement
Using of subfreezing temperature to destroy or eliminate abnormal tissue cells, such as tumors, warts and unwanted, cancerous or infected tissue cryosurgery
Visual examination of a joint arthroscopy
Punture of a joint space to remove accumulated fluid arthrocentesis
Recording of electrical activity of the brain electroencephalography
Radiography of the blood vessels after induction of a contrast medium angiography
Needle punture of the spinal cavity to extract spinal fluid for diagnostic purposes Lumbar puncture
The bursting open of a wound, especially a surgical abdominal wound dehiscence
Feverish or pertaining to a fever febrile
A partial or incomplete dislocation subluxation
Increase in severity of a disease exacerbation
Minute, pinpoint hemorrhage under the skin petechia
Deep-seated pyogenic infection of the skin, usually involving subcutaneous tissue carbuncle
Epidermal growth caused by a virus, such as plantar warts verruca
Mental disorder that causes unusual shift in mood, emotion, energy, and ability to function bipolar disorder
Mood disorder characterized by mental and physical hyperactivity, disorganized behavior, and hyperelevated mood mania
Mood disorder associated with sadness, despair, discouragement, and commonly, feelings of low self esteem, quiet and withdrawal depression
Temporary loss of consciousness due to the sudden decline of blood flow to the brain syncope
Defect in which the neural tube (tissue that forms the brain and spinal cord in the fetus) fails to close during embryogenesis spina bifida
Abnormal increase in the proportion of fat cells, mainly in the viscera and subcutaneous tissues of the body obesity
Abnormal secretions of large amounts of urine diuresis
Excessive amounts of potassium in the blood hyperkalemia
DX Diagnosis
Bx Biopsy
CT Computed tomography
RUQ Right Upper Quadrant
SPECT Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography
US Ultrasound
BCC Basal Cell Carcinoma
IMP Impression
ACL Anterior Cruciate Ligament
CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
DJD Degenerative Joint Disease
MS Multiple Sclerosis, musculoskeletal, mental status, mitral stenosis
TKA Total Knee Arthroplasty
ALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
CSF Cerebral Spinal Fluid
TIA Transient Ischemic Attack
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
CVA Cerebrovascular Accident
LOC Loss of consciousness
LP Lumbar Puncture
-logist Specialist in the study of
Nephr/o Kidney
stomat/o mouth
hepat/o liver
-megaly enlargement
-oma tumor
-itis inflammation
gastroenteritis inflammation of the stomach and intestines
Four elements used to form words root, combining form, suffix and prefix
gastria condition of the stomach
hematemesis vomiting blood
gastrodynia pain in the stomach
-clasis surgical fracture, to break
-lysis separation, destruction; loosening
-pexy fixation (of an organ)
-rrhaphy suture
-stomy forming an opening
-gram record, writing
-graph instrument for recording
-graphy process of recording
-metry act of measuring
-ectasis dilation, expansion
-emia blood condition
-iasis abnormal condition (produced by something specific)
-phasia speech
-ptosis prolapse, downward displacement
-al pertaining to
-y condition; process
-ule small, minute
diplo double
ab- from, away from
dys- bad, painful, difficult
eu- good, normal
mal- bad
pseudo- false
tachy- rapid
hist/o tissue
caud/o tail
Created by: Martodd
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