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Male reproductive system

1. The medical record can be used for all of the following except? (B) providing pharmaceutical companies with the names and addresses of PTS with particular diseases so they can send advertisements to the PT
2 which of the following is considered a diagnostic report? (E) both a and c ( EKG/MRI)
3 Where would the phrase"pt c/o HA x 2 days be found in the SOAP NOTES? (E) Subjective impressions
4 Where would the result"BP":120/88 bo found in a SOAP NOTE? ( B) objective findings
5 Where would the phrase "tonsils were enlarged and contaminated With several white pustules " be found in the SOAP NOTES ? (C) assessment
6 Where would the phrase "amoxicillin 250mg,tib x10 days" be found in the soap notes? (D) plans
7 when documenting in a PTs chart, the medical assistant must avoid? (A) personal opinion comments
8. How should a new adult PT be greeted when beginning the PT s interview (C) by title and last name
9. Alcohol and tobacco use is part of the PT (C) social history
10. Obtaining the height and weight of a PT would be an example of which Examination technique? (A) mensuration
11. A BMI of 35 would suggest that the PT is (A) obese
12, which of the following is considered to be the 5th vital sign (A) pain assessment
13. All of the following can affect an oral temperature readings except (D) temperature of the environment
14. The average AXILLARY temperature reading is (B) one degree lower than the average oral temperature
15. Which of the following represents the average respiratory for a 10 yo Throughout adulthood (C) 12-16 /mins
16 which phase of blood pressure occurs when the ventricles relax (B)diastolic
17 an average pulse reading for a adult is (C)68 bpm
18 at what percent does oxygen intervention become necessary (C)90
19. which word means difficult or labored breathing (C). Dyspnea
20. Which of the following is the average respiratory rate for a newborn C (D) 30-60/mins
21. Which pulse point is generally used when performing a pulse check On an adult during CPR ( B) carotid
22. Which of the following vital would you except to see elevated the PT With a fever (D) Both a & c Pulse/reparations
23 which of the following pulse points would be best to assess Chloe flow
Created by: Tbella
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