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purp. term. review

purple module terminology review combining forms

core/o pupil
aque/o water
sulc/o groove
conjunctiv/o conjunctiva
lact/o milk
pseud/o false,fake
poli/o gray matter
convolut/o coiled and twisted
chrom/o color
dendr/o branching
lacrim/o tear,tear duct
gyr/o turning or folding
noct/o night
presby/o old age
corne/o cornea
plex/o plexus or network
cardi/o heart
ambul/o walk
blephar/o eyelid
cortic/o cortex, outer region
gli/o glue
phac/o lens of the eye
dipl/o double
aden/o gland
narc/o night
ametr/o walk
encephal/o brain
tympan/o ear drum,tympanic membrane
vitre/o viterous humor,gassy
ocul/o eye,vision
ophtham/o eye,vision
tars/o edge of the eye lid
contus/o bruise
myel/o movement
synaps/o point of contact
ambly/o dull or dim
kinesi/o movement
anis/o unequal
cyt/o cell
somn/o sleep
caust/o burning
irit/o iris
medull/o medulla
dur/o dura mater
ot/o eye,vision
concuss/o shaken together
staped/o stapes
radicul/o root,nerve root
Created by: zeldafan