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final final final

that's all folks final test

According to CLIA medical assistants are allowed to do only what tests? waived
Which lens of a microscope are you working with when you use your coarse adjustment focus? objective
What is the magnification of the oil immersion lens of a microscope? 1000
at what time of day are you going to get the most concentrated urine? first morning void
a urine that is positive for glucose is a sign of what disease? diabeties
what is the range for a normal specific gravity? 1.000 to 1.030
what are the causes of high specific gravity? diabetes, dehydration
if you see casts in a pt urine it usually indicates too much? protein
if a urine sample needs to be saved for a period of time where should you put it? refrigerated at 4 degrees C
what hormone are you testing for when you do a pregnancy test? human cherionic gonadotropin or hCG
how can you determine a pt heart rate on an ECG by looking at the 5 mm boxes between R waves? count boxes and divide that by 300
which wave on the ECG represents depolarization? P wave
Which wave on the ECG represents repolarization? T wave
when you do a rhythm strip which lead is used? limb or bipolor leads
what causes your ECG to have a series of small spikes on it? AC interference
What causes your ECG to have a wandering baseline? electrodes applied too loosely or too tightly, corroded or dirty electrodes or metal, inappropriate amount oof gel, loctions, oils or creams on pt
what is the name of the portable ECG machine that can be placed on a pt for a longer period of time? Holter monitor
how much time are portable ECG machine usually left on? 24hr
every sample sent to an outside lab must be sent with a? written requisition
What information should you place on a lab requisition form? physician's name, pt name, pt billing infom unique pt identification, pt age/date of birth and sex, source of specimen, time and date of specimen collection, test requested, medication pt takes, clinical diagnosis, urgency of results, special collection
At what ages does an infant get their PKU tests done? 2 days old and again at 7 to 14 days
what size wheal is considered positive on a PPD test? 10mm or more
what is the desired level for a cholesterol test? <200mg/dl
Refractometer? most common tool for determining the specific gravity of liquids the speed at which light travels through the air as compared to speed traveled through urine
QNS quantity not sufficient. that is less the 10ml
what is the pH levels? 0 to 14, 0 being acidic 7 being nutural and 14 being alkaline
What is the path that the electrical impulses of the heart takes? starts sinoatrial (SA) node to Atrioventricular (AV) node to (AV) bundle to Bundle of His to right and left bundle branches then finally to Pukinje fibers
Name all the differnet leads? standard lim or bipolar leads, augmented leads, chest leads or precordial leads
What is cumulative trauma disorders? injuries involving the musculoskeletal or nervous system, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or trigger finger.
What is the Hematology department involve actual number counts such as counting the number of white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets they also focus on qualtiy and characteristics of the components such as size, shpae, and maturity of the cells.
What is the Urinalysis department? examination of urine
Clinical chemistry department?? analyzes the chemical composition of blood, cerebrospinal fluid, and joint fluid
Immunohematology department? blood typing procedures, cross-matching, and the separation and storage of blood components for transufsion, as well as antibody-antigen reactions
Serology (immunology) Department? evaluate the body's immune response, both production of antibodies and the cellular immune response
Toxicology? toxic substances in a person's blood and monitors any drug usage, theraeutic levels of medication prescribed, or toxicity to the drugs being used
DNA DNA tests
Microbiology department? microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi are grown in an appropriate medium, cultured, and then identified
Parasitology department? dealing with parasites
Cytology department? area in which microscopic examinations of cells are performed to detect early signs of cancer and other diseases
histology department? study of tissue sample biopsies for the determination of disease
parts of the microscopes? oculars or binocular, arm, turret, objectives, stage, stage clips, coarse/fine focus adjustment, in-base illuminator.
What is the magnification of the oculars? 10 times
what is the magnification of the objectives may change 10 to 40 to 100
how much urine is filtrated in the body daily and how much is eliminated? 180 L and 2L is eliminated
What is the approximate percentage of urine? 96% water and 4% dissolved substances
What are the different urine collection types of times? random (spot) specimen, First morning void specimen, fasting/timed specimens, twenty-four-hour specimen
Collection methods? random collection, clean-atch medstream collection, catheterized collection and culture
What is the burning of fats for energy called? Ketosis or sometimes lipolysis
Symptoms of mononucleosis? begin with a fever and swollen glands lasting for three to five days, over the next 7 to 20 days the pt may develop a headache, malaise, chet pain, cough, tonsillitis, a rash, soft, swollen lymph nodes, and a swollen spleen
Created by: Seanmorrone