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Angiography A radiographic study of blood vessels after injection of contrast media.
Angiomegaly Enlargement of a blood vessel
Angiostenosis Abnormal narrowing of a blood vessel
Aneurysm A localized weak spot or balloon like enlargement of the wall of the artery
Angina Pectoris Severe episodes of chest pain caused by lack of oxygen to the heart muscle.
Coronary Thrombosis Damage to the heart caused by a thrombus blocking a coronary artery.
Cardiac Catheterization Placement of a catheter through a vein or artery into the heart.
Cardiocentesis A puncture of a chamber of the heart to remove fluid for diagnosis or therapy.
Cardiorrhexis Rupture of the heart
Cardioversion The use of electrical shock to restore the normal rhythm also known as defibrillation.
Fibrillation Rapid, random and ineffective contractions of the heart.
Atrial Fibrillation Condition in which the atria beat faster than ventricles
Ventricular Fibrillation Irregular, random contractions of the ventricles that is fatal unless reversed by debfib.
Pericardiectomy Surgical removal of a portion of the pericardium.
Pericardiocentesis Drawing fluid from the pericardial sac
CAD Coronary artery disease, associated with atherosclerosis
Mitral Stenosis Abnormal narrowing of the mitral valve
Mitral Valve Prolapse Abnormal protrusion of the mitral valve that causes incomplete closure of the mitral valve.
Perfussion A flow of blood through the vessels of an organ.
Hypoperfussion Deficiency of blood passing through body part or an organ.
Embolus A foreign object that’s circulating in the blood.
Flutter A cardiac arrhythmia in which the atrial contractions are rapid but regular
Pacemaker An electrical device that may be attached to patient body to regulate the heartbeat
Phelbography A procedure where x ray image of vein is taken after injecting contrast medium.
Phelbogram A resulting image/picture
Infarct Localized area of necrosis
Congestive Heart Failure Heart failure with fluid buildup
Angiospasm Spasmodic contraction of a blood vessel
Varicose Vein Abnormally swollen veins, usually occurring in the leg.
Venipuncture Puncture of a vein to draw blood or administer medicine.
Occlusion Total blockage
Lumen The opening within vessels through which the blood flows.
Vasocontrictor Medicine that causes blood vessels to narrow.
Vasodilator Medicine that causes blood vessels to dilate.
Thrombolytic Medicine that dissolves or causes a thrombus to break up
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