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Non Alcoholic Drinks

Blend A method of drink making that involves placing ice and ingredients into a blender, which them mixes, chops and purees ingredients.
Build A method of drink making where ingredients are poured into the glass over ice, in the order stated within the recipe.
Coffee A hot drink made from roasted and ground coffee beans.
Float A method of finishing drinks by pouring cream over the back of a spoon so that it floats on the surface of a drink. Also used to refer to the ice cream that is floated in “spiders”.
Frappe A french term meaning “iced — of liquids”. Beverages that have been poured over or made with ice.
Garnish Edible items added to a drink to create eye appeal and enhance its presentation.
Granita A drink made with crushed ice. Also known as an italian-style water ice with a granular texture.
Grenadine A type of imitation pomegranate flavoured syrup used as an intense red colour agent in drinks, without the strong, altering flavour of raspberry cordial.
Disposables Non-edible enhancements added to drinks with garnishes, such as mini paper parasols, pickaxes etc. Also known as ‘drink decorations’.
Hawthorn Strainer A metal bar accessory used to remove ice and other solids from a shaken drink as it is poured into the serving glass.
Highball A tall cylindrical glass that is used to serve many soft drinks, juices and water. It is also used as a multi-purpose glass when preparing other non alcoholic drinks, such as mocktails.
Iced Coffee A coffee drink that has 1/3 of cold black coffee, 2/3 cold milk and is topped with ice cream or whipped cream.
Iced Tea A drink that is made with strong black tea, that is shaken and strained with ice. Other ingredients can be added to alter the flavour.
Inert Gas A type of gas which is non-oxidising, such as carbon dioxide. These gases often do not react with many substances. Also known as noble gas. Other examples include helium and neon.
Lassi A type of Indian yogurt or buttermilk based drink that can be sweet or savoury.
Layer A method of drink making where all ingredients are laid one on top of the other, by gently pouring each ingredient over the back of a spoon so that they sit on top of each other creating a striped effect.
Mocha A type of coffee beverage that includes a shot of espresso, chocolate powder and steamed milk.
Mocktail Non-alcoholic drinks that consist of a mixture of juices, soft drinks and other ingredients. Also used to refer to cocktails that have had their alcohol omitted.
Muddle A method of drink making where solid ingredients, often with sugar syrup are crushed in a mixing glass using a muddling stick to release their juices and oils. Ice is added, and the drink shaken and served without straining.
Post mix A delivery method of serving carbonated drinks where concentrated syrup is combined with carbonated water as it is leaving the dispenser.
Pulp The soft fleshy part of fruits, particularly citrus fruits.
Shake & Strain Ingredients are added to a mixing glass with ice, which is then covered with a shaker top/tin and shaken with short sharp movements about the shoulder or in front. The liquid is then strained into a glass, often with ice added.
Stir & Strain A method of drinking making where ingredients are gently mixed with a bar spoon in a mixing glass, such as iced chocolates, flavoured milks etc.
Tea A hot drink where dried crushed leaves of the tea plant are infused in hot water.
Tisane Hot drinks made from the infusion of herbal ingredients, such as herbs, spices and fruits.
UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) A food processing technology that sterilises liquid foods above 135 degrees celsius for 1-2 seconds to kill spores. Often used to produce long-life milk.
Wastage The food and beverage material that has been discarded or cannot be used anymore. Business aim to minimise such production.
Post mix — “C” Cola
Post mix — “G” Dry Ginger Ale
Post mix — “L” Lemonade
Post mix — “S” Soda water
Post mix — “SQ” Lemon Squash
Post mix — “T” Tonic Water
Colada Glass A tall, tapered glass generally used to serve mocktails, such as a virgin Pina Colada.
Old Fashioned Glass A short wide brimmed, thick based fluted glass that can be used for soft drinks, juices and some mocktails.
Gibraltar Glass A taller version of the old fashioned glass, with a wide brim and fluted sides.
Water Glass A stubby glass used for water, also referred to as tumblers.
Soda/Milkshake Glasses A thick, large tapered glass used for iced beverages and shakes,
Liqueur (Irish) Coffee Glass A thick glass commonly used for serving hot chocolate due to its heat resistance.
Hurricane Glass A very large, taped glass used to served mixed drinks, shaped like a vase or hurricane lamp.
Standard Recipe Cards (SRCs) Also known as ‘house’ recipes, they give directions on how to prepare a certain drink. They allow for a consistent product to be served at all times.
First In First Out (FIFO) A strategy of managing the stock of an establishment where the first supplies purchased are the first supplies used.
Cordial A sweet, often fruit flavoured concentrate added to flavour and sweeten many drinks.
Sugar syrup Also known as gomme syrup. It is a liquid variation of granulated sugar in many cold beverages to sweeten drinks.
Swizzle Stick A stick often added to a drink so that customers can stir or froth a drink. A type of disposable.
Split A small bottle of soft drink.
Created by: Giant Kahuna